Fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA hydrogels wire process control circuit switching

Recently, the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Professor Yang Dayong research group published research on yeast fermentation process control DNA hydrogels wire circuit switch on the Advanced Science. A new strategy for constructing ultra-soft dynamic DNA hydrogels prepared to make ultra-fast response and high sensitivity to small changes in solvent polarity, the software DNA hydrogels, water and successfully applied to DNA of Saccharomyces yeast fermentation process control gel conductor circuit system. PhD Graduate School of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University graduate and Hanjin Peng Cui Yuchen is co-first author. Study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science and major research projects. In recent years, intelligent biological response materials show great potential in robotics and intelligent software in the medical field. Most dynamic modulus material is large, as in more than 1000 Pa, difficult and sensitive to small changes in the organism stimulation signal responds dynamically to become the key issues hindering the further development of intelligent biological response of materials. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) as molecular genetic life, is programmable biological macromolecules, in recent years new beginning for the manufacture of biological materials, especially booming (Prog. Polym DNA hydrogels. Sci. 2019, 98, 101163 ). In previous work, DNA ultra soft hydrogel (modulus of elasticity less than 100 Pa) as a main software robot Professor Yang research group prepared brave, and successfully used to deliver cells and stem cell-specific lossless arrest (Angew. . Chem Int Ed, 2019, 2490-2495;…. J. Am Chem Soc, 2020, 3422-3429).. Further, Professor Yang Dayong group proposed a new strategy to build ultra-soft dynamic DNA hydrogels. They introduced dopamine grafted long-chain salmon sperm DNA, dextran (DEX-g-DOPA), the synthesized DNA with DEX-g-DOPA hydrogel complex software. Covalent bond between the DEX-g-DOPA molecules form permanent crosslinks, hydrogen bonding between the DEX-g-DOPA and hydrophobic interactions with DNA to form a dynamic cross-linking points, and thus the hybrid DNA construct permanent and dynamic network bis . The storage modulus of the hydrogel software only about 50 Pa, to make ultra-fast response and high sensitivity to small changes in the volume of solvent polarity. Based on DNA software above characteristics hydrogel, they will be made into a soft hydrogel wire circuit, the circuit switching system designed by Saccharomyces yeast fermentation process control. By wire circuit switched hydrogel, with the progress of the fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Saccharomyces cerevisiae produce glucose consumption, ethanol polar solvent system resulting in the gradual accumulation of reduced volume shrinkage occur hydrogel wire Accordingly, the circuit is opened, to achieve a smart microorganism metabolism trace metabolites response. The expected DNA hydrogel software used in flexible electronic devices, software, and intelligent robotics medicine.

Figure 1 salmon sperm DNA synthesis using soft hydrogel wire. A) grafted dextran molecule dopamine synthesis. B) Preparation of DNA super soft hydrogel response to a change of polarity of the solvent. C) Fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA hydrogels wire process control circuit switching.

relevant developments: Yang courage TF Tianjin University \”should be of German\”: chiral carbon quantum dot analog regulation of topoisomerase I supercoiled DNA topology Yang Tianjin University Dayong research group developed a new system of dynamic chemical materials: tellurium, platinum coordination system and the dynamic mechanical properties of reversible regulation of intelligent hydrogels Yang Dayong Tianjin University team \”JACS\”: DNA hydrogels stem cell-specific networks capture efficiency Yang Tianjin University courage \”Nano Letters\”: Long-lasting hydrogel for targeting, sustained and non-autofluorescent imaging tumor metastasis Yang Tianjin University courage \”of Germany should \”: super soft magnetic drive superelastic DNA navigation software confined space for cell delivery robot Yang, Tianjin University published DNA brave TF hydrogel systems Review Study reference: Jinpeng Han, # Yuchen Cui, # Xinpeng Han, Chenyu Liang, Wenguang Liu, Dan Luo, Dayong Yang *, Super-Soft DNA / Dopamine-grafted-Dextran Hydrogel as Dynamic Wire. For Electric Circuits Switched by a Microbial Metabolism Process, Adv Sci, 2020, 2000684. The full text link:. https://doi.org/10.1002/advs.202000684