Giant powder equipment obtained a new breakthrough technology in the field of aerogels

As temperatures rise, giant Powder Co. of equipment orders and more fiery, recently, another wave of surprise after another, giant ultrafine powder equipment design JZC also made an impact mill commissioning assembled to customers in Shenzhen, the successful loading shipments! This set of customer equipment is a powder Aerogels of ultrafine grinding, aerogels are known in the lightest solid material in the world, having a specific gravity of about 0.03, which brings the working electrode pulverized difficult, also attracted great attention of senior management, under the R & D department, technology department, production department work together for the airgel physical attributes, from the foundation of the original giant hierarchical impact mill on the overall implementation of closed-loop system design, dust compartment new cleaning system, more efficient collection of materials, to prevent dust pollution during grinding. Pulverized particle size D90 = 10um up more or less, the maximum particle 15um or less. The successful development of new production equipment, demonstrates the giant powder equipment in the face of different materials, clever resilience different needs, but also laid a solid technical support for the company to further develop the market.