Goodbye traditional time-consuming ceramic sintering process, 10 seconds fast firing ceramic technology coming!

Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland Hu Liangbing , Mo a non , Virginia Tech Zheng ceramic manufacturing process drizzle and the University of California, San Diego Luo Jian cooperation will have 26 000-year-old remodeled into an innovative ceramic material production process , the ceramic material has a broad application prospect in the field of solid-state batteries, fuel cells, 3d printing technology. Papers related to \”A general method to synthesize andsinter bulk ceramics in seconds\” in the title, today published in \”Science\”, and was selected as the cover paper, board the \”Science\” headlines scroll promotion. 再见传统耗时的陶瓷烧结工艺,10秒快速烧造陶瓷的技术来了! Ceramic widely used in batteries, electronics and extreme environments, but Traditional ceramic sintering process usually take several hours to complete the , and poor quality control . To overcome this challenge, the researchers invented a high-temperature sintering method ultrafast , both to meet the needs of modern ceramics, and can facilitate the discovery of new materials. 再见传统耗时的陶瓷烧结工艺,10秒快速烧造陶瓷的技术来了! In the process of manufacturing a solid electrolyte cell using conventional sintering process takes long, the furnace was heated to the need for several hours, several hours after the firing, the ceramic material to complete the \”bake.\” Despite the development of a microwave-assisted sintering, spark plasma sintering, rapid sintering process in place, due to the special or expensive materials is limited.

ceramic sintering process

joint research team developed hypervelocity temperature new sintering having heating speed , Cooling speed , uniform temperature distribution , up to the sintering temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius and so on. Taken together, Total process time required for these processes less than 10 seconds, faster than the conventional method of sintering furnace 1000 times or more . Liang-Bing said: By the invention, First, the ceramic precursor powder compact, then sandwiched between two carbon strips, ceramic precursor is rapidly heated by radiation and conductive carbon strips, creating a continuous high-temperature environment, forcing the ceramic powder is rapidly solidified. Current generating a temperature sufficiently high, essentially any ceramic material can be sintered. This patented process may be extended to other than the ceramic film. Luo Jian said: \”The technology is ultra-fast ultra-fast high-temperature sintering sintering technology a breakthrough, not only because it is widely used in a variety of functional materials, and the technology can be created by non-keep or generate additional defects for materials equilibrium. \” 再见传统耗时的陶瓷烧结工艺,10秒快速烧造陶瓷的技术来了! The present technology commercialized by the HighT-Tech LLC. Mo Yifei said: This new approach addresses the key bottlenecks found in computing and artificial intelligence material, we at an unprecedented rate to speed up the discovery of a new paradigm materials. Zheng Xiaoyu said: We are pleased to see the pyrolysis time from several hours to a few seconds, after rapid sintering, and retains the fine print of the 3D structure. The full text link: https: //