Graphene airgel applied to new progress made high volume energy than lithium sulfur battery research

April 25, reporters learned that I have a two-dimensional materials and energy devices Innovation Zone Research Group (DNL21T3) Wuzhong handsome researcher team developed a three-dimensional graphene / carbon nanotube airgel porous material, and apply it lithium-sulfur battery elemental sulfur of the positive electrode and the intermediate layer integrated vector obtained lithium-sulfur battery and a high volume energy density and excellent cycle stability. Research results published in the \”Nano Energy\” (Nano Energy). 石墨烯气凝胶应用于高体积比能量锂硫电池研究取得新进展 Graphene research and development continues to heat application, graphite and graphene-related materials are widely used in battery electrode materials, semiconductor device, a transparent display, sensors, capacitors, transistors and the like. In view of the excellent material properties of graphene and its potential applications in many disciplines chemistry, materials, physics, biology, environment, energy, etc., we have made a series of important progress. The researchers committed to trying different methods in order to prepare high-quality, large-area graphene material in different areas. And graphite through continuous optimization and improvement of the preparation process alkenyl, so as to reduce the production cost of the graphene having excellent material properties to be more widely used, and gradually move toward industrialization. 石墨烯气凝胶应用于高体积比能量锂硫电池研究取得新进展 Graphene device are expected to be a new generation in many applications, in order to explore the graphene wider applications, need to continue to seek a more excellent graphene preparation process, so as to obtain a better application. Graphene although only a few dozen years from today there is synthesis and confirmed that it has become a hot research scholars this year. Its excellent optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties prompted researchers to continue their study in depth, with the preparation being developed graphene, graphene is bound to be more widely applied to various fields in the near future. The research team developed a three-dimensional graphene / carbon nanotube airgel porous material and simultaneously apply it to a lithium sulfur battery is elemental sulfur and the intermediate layer support, constructed by successful support, metal-free integration of the positive electrode current collector material. The integration of the positive electrode material having a high packing density, excellent electrical conductivity, good mechanical flexibility, not only to achieve a high volumetric loading of sulfur (1.64g / cm3), significantly increased the volumetric energy density of the lithium-sulfur battery (1615Ah / L), and effectively suppressed the effects of polysulfide shuttle. At a high current density. 2C, the battery 500 can stably cyclic ring, and little attenuation capacity, exhibits excellent cycle stability. This elemental sulfurPorous carrier structure and integration of the positive electrode of the intermediate layer design strategy for building a high volume energy density, long cycle life of lithium-sulfur battery providing a new way. Above work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, national key R & D programs and other projects.