Graphene can make rapid changes in freshwater sea?

The quality of films made monoatomic graphene material as woven cloth, researchers to such carbon atoms in a hexagonal honeycomb arrangement consisting of \”Seiko secret agents\”, but also it is not easy to ensure high quality. Excellent performance graphene due to its perfect structure, once the structure is destroyed, even if it is very small damage, will lead to a substantial decline in its performance. Thus, defective graphene transistors, it is difficult for the preparation of high-precision products. But as \”coarse broken floc\” as imperfect graphene in terms of environmental decontamination, such as cleaning up the environment, but it contains a great potential. no longer worried about the oil spill mentioned in the 2010 US Gulf of Mexico oil spill, I am afraid now also a matter of fear. At that time a headache and frustration that the clear sea oil pollution poor operating results, could not contain harmful to marine ecosystems caused by oil spills. Two years later, the internationally renowned journal \”Advanced Materials\” and \”Advanced Functional Materials\” has reported that graphene-based adsorbent material with ultra-high adsorption characteristics. The material can be used to clean up oil spills at sea, chemical pollution, the adsorbed contaminants up to 800 times its own mass, and may be recycled 20 times. AOL and other media that such graphene sponge structure could become the first industrial application of graphene, with a great future in the chemical industry and environmental protection. Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed the leader of the study, Professor SUN Litao director -FEI Napi Mi centers of Southeast University. He said that they use special break batt-like material made of graphene porous sponge-like structure, to achieve the microstructure regulated by various methods, in order to optimize the mechanical properties and adsorption properties of graphene sponge. The study, they first discovered graphene sponge with ultra-high adsorption properties, and it can not absorb water adsorption properties of organic oil, used successfully for rapid removal of offshore oil, to achieve efficient separation of oil and water. Further, a commercial sponge graphene firmly bonded, can be obtained graphene-based composite sponge has a strong mechanical strength. The negative pressure system in conjunction with a sponge, may be continuous oil-water separator, greatly increase the separation efficiency and reduce cost. Assembled from incomplete graphene sheet formed graphene large space receiving a sponge, high porosity, the entire sponge graphene material accounts for less than 1% by volume, and can be recycled. To further reduce material cost, they have to waste as cotton or paper precursor, the preparation of a carbon airgel. Tested, Which are good adsorption and recycling of the various effects of the organic liquid, and trial production has been achieved. rapid changes in sea water fresh water Graphene unique mechanical and electrical properties are called \”magic material\”, but its interaction with water but confusing: graphene surface repels water, but immersed in water graphene thin capillary channel while allowing rapid water penetration. This relationship is \”ambiguous\” between the graphene and water scientists were fascinated. Manchester University in collaboration with the University of Chinese scientific and technological research team, to explore where the mechanism by theoretical analysis and molecular modeling, found graphene oxide in an aqueous environment film intimate contact with water, about 0.9 nanometers wide channels may be formed, is less than the size or molecular ions by rapid, the \”big head\” were completely blocked out. This screening effect is not only the ion size requirements for very precise, and than conventional concentration diffusion thousands of times faster. This finding reasonable interpretation of the experimental results, also known as \”ion sponge effect.\” Ions by rapid filtration process computer simulation found graphene nano channel, and the interaction between the graphene ions, ions accumulated in the nanochannel, so as to promote rapid diffusion of the ions. If further compression of the capillary channel size graphene film by mechanical means to control the pore size, the salt can be efficiently filtered seawater. This means that manufacturing will be a cup of desalination water into drinking water filtration device is expected to become a reality within a few minutes. International authoritative academic journal \”Science\” published the results of this study, and believe in the comments, the graphene oxide film is important in a number of separate applications, for example, fast desalination and purification. With this feature, the future of mankind let the sea becomes a huge repository of fresh water might no longer a fantasy. In addition to the haze is expected to become a weapon At present, play a key role in some of the anti-fog and haze masks and air purifier in the media, mostly relying on the principle of electrostatic adsorption PM2.5. But the nose and mouth in the face of vapor or mist exhaled, these electrostatic interactions will weaken or even disappear, thereby reducing the effect of blocking PM2.5, so that these media failure. Graphene has ultra-high surface area and excellent chemical stability, has great potential in the air cleaner. Traditional hard medium prepared by conventional processes surplus small aperture. SUN Litao told reporters in an interview, his team will graphene oxide in combination with conventional filter, The first successful preparation of a graphene oxide group in addition to the filter medium can be efficiently haze. Since the removal of the filter PM2.5 purely physical barrier, therefore not affect the water vapor, having long-term stability. Further, the defective graphene thin skeleton and a large number of holes, therefore, assembled by a porous membrane, the internal bore crisscross, This ensures that when the filter pore size greater than 2.5 microns, still effectively trapped PM2 .5, while ensuring low breathing resistance filter to solve the problem in most poor breathing masks anti-fog and haze. Defective graphene is not perfect, but researchers did dig out its inherent potential, the realization of its gorgeous, environmental decontamination, clean up the environment to show their talents. (Source: Science and Technology Daily, the original title: imperfect graphene \”magnificent turn\”, so that rapid changes in freshwater sea)