Graphene – ceramic composite materials with impressive features, may be helpful in the field of aerospace, sensors, etc.

石墨烯-陶瓷复合材料具有令人印象深刻的特性,可能对航空航天、传感器等领域有帮助 is a composite honeycomb sandwiched between ceramic layers of interconnected graphene made. Graphene stent is called airgel, which by means of a process called atomic layer deposition, chemically bonded to the ceramic layer. The team explained, when exposed to a high temperature environment, typically degrade the graphene, but the ceramic material having high temperature and flame resistance characteristics, these characteristics of the aircraft insulation properties useful. Light weight, high strength, good damping properties over the properties of the composite material prepared material into a flexible electronic device. Because it has high conductivity, and is an excellent heat insulating material, it may be used as a fire-retardant insulation coatings, sensors and thermal energy into electrical energy. Industrial Engineering, Purdue University associate professor so mentioned. The researchers attributed their results to design a layered honeycomb structure, which is composed of a honeycomb structure of the cell wall composed of multiple layers, as the basic unit elasticity. They say that this material to showcase a range of versatile features, and these features have not been used in ceramics and ceramic – matrix – reported in the composite structure. Future research will focus on how to enhance the properties of the material and other aspects, may be adjusted by changing the material properties of the crystal structure, the expansion of the production process and control of microstructure.