Harbin Institute of Technology breakthroughs in the study of airgel super material graphene

Recently, the School of Civil Engineering Professor Li Hui Xu Xiang young teacher research group, Dr. Zhang strong, undergraduate Kang Yu Yi first author in the internationally renowned journal \”Advanced Materials\” (Advanced Materials) (2015 Influence factor is 18.96) published research paper entitled \”the natural drying method for preparing a super-elastic and adjustable Poisson\’s ratio characteristic of graphene aerogels ,\” the Professor Xu Xianghe Li Hui as a co-corresponding author, the school is the first author and corresponding author only unit. In order to utilize excellent properties of graphene on a macroscopic scale, the macro-structure of graphene construct become a hot topic of the material. Among the graphene structure assembly graphene airgel (GrapheneAerogel) is one of the most compelling structure. Currently, the preparation of three-dimensional graphene macroscopic airgel requires the use of high-cost, low output, freeze-drying technology is difficult to operate or supercritical drying, the solvent was removed graphene hydrogel, thereby obtaining a final gas condensate plastic structure. Prof. LiHui TF capillary stress by adjusting the initial stiffness and the solvent evaporated graphene airgel structure, the successful implementation of the natural drying of the prepared material, was evaporated under normal temperature and pressure to achieve a solvent contained in the sample volume and hold it does not shrink, structure does not collapse. Obtained by this technique over conventional freeze-dried airgel or more excellent properties supercritical drying the resulting material, for example, up to 99% of the super-elastic compression recoverability, a wide range of Poisson\’s ratio may be adjusted characteristics, high electrical conductivity , stable and very low thermal conductivity of the piezoresistive effect and the like. This low-cost, high-yield and ease of operation of natural drying technology not only greatly promote the super material graphene airgel large-scale and large-scale commercial production, and provides a design based on Poisson\’s ratio characteristics of graphite alkenyl metamaterials research methods, it can be widely applied to a flexible drive, a flexible robot, sensor, the deformable electrode material, drug delivery and delivery, lightweight insulation and protective materials.