Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Li Hui team developed a lightweight and extremely durable ceramic airgel

Recently, the Harbin Institute of Technology School of Civil Engineering Professor Li Hui Research Group Professor Xu Xiangfu first author who published a report entitled in the internationally renowned journal \”Science\” (Science, 2018 Influence factor of 41.058) \”double negative ceramic airgel super-insulation materials \”(Double-negative-index ceramicaerogels for thermal superinsulation) scientific papers, Professor Li Hui and the University of California, Los Angeles insert front section, Professor Huang Yu three are co-corresponding author, the team developed a lightweight and extremely durable ceramic airgel, new materials can withstand extremely high temperatures and can withstand drastic temperature changes, it is expected for future spacecraft thermal protection and so on. ​哈工大李惠教授团队研制出超轻且极其耐用的陶瓷气凝胶 HIT developed new ceramic airgel insulation spacecraft is expected for this research is Professor of the University of Cambridge and the University of Pennsylvania Manish Chhowalla Deep Jariwala professor in the same period of the \”scientific\” outlook to the author, \”based on two-dimensional hyperbolic ceramics three-dimensional structure \”(Hyperbolic 3D architectures with 2D ceramics) gave high comments. The research results of basic research on graphene airgel five years, and took two years to complete. Harbin Institute of Technology associate professor Xu Xiang said that the study has not been easy, the researchers broke through many difficulties. CVD preparation of ceramic airgel is a key study, in order to endow the ceramic airgel flexibility, control the wall thickness of the wall of the hole, to improve the crystallinity of the ceramic aerogels, and to achieve the structural design, the researchers repeated the experiment after nearly a thousand times. The ceramic aerogels having ultra-light characteristics such that the system can not measure the commercial test its thermal conductivity. To this end, the research team set up a special measuring device, and the reliability of the feasibility studies. ​哈工大李惠教授团队研制出超轻且极其耐用的陶瓷气凝胶 HIT development of new ceramic airgel insulation spacecraft is expected to provide the ceramic airgel study idea to solve the brittleness of ceramic ultra-light configuration, and the crystallization heat problem, greatly facilitate the ceramic aerogels application of glue insulation, catalysis, energy, environmental management, aerospace and other fields. Research and development team, said the study is only a start, the next team will continue to develop more flexible, able to adapt to higher operating temperatures, has a lower thermal conductivity of the ceramic ultra-light airgel structure, furtherTo promote the widespread use of ceramic airgel in many fields.