Harvard Ph.D. talk about how to send Nature: Relationship (50%) + confidence (20%) + data writing (20%) + luck (10%)

The author Pan Bifeng, Harvard University, author published in the Nature Biotechnology (when published IF = 41.667, higher than Nature40.137) a year, they published a Nature paper, paper, the author reviews the Nature paper published several elements from a strategic and technical description of the Nature paper published in all aspects of the details need to pay attention, finally, he summed up the formula a paper published in Nature: Nature = relationship (50%) + confidence (20%) + data (10%) + writing (10%) + luck (10%) since the last time in Nature Biotechnology (when published IF = 41.667, higher than Nature) published papers since have been about a year. Recently, he published a paper in Nature. However, this time I\’m not the lead author of the paper, just ordinary nominal only. In any case, it can be considered a Nature paper. 哈佛博士谈如何发Nature:关系(50%) + 信心(20%)+数据写作(20%)+运气(10%) want to publish in Nature, we must first talk about why papers published in Nature. Some people ask, \”Can I also published in other journals, what\’s the difference?\” I think, Nature papers and other journal articles, the difference is still very large. I think the main reason there are three conditions:

  • First, you can get a higher position;
  • Second, let yourself have more influence;
  • Third easier access to funding and incentives.

Therefore, the papers published in Nature, life can get richer, wages will be increased accordingly, can also be easier to comment on senior titles, personal happiness will increase as a result, this is a very beneficial personal development and harmonious family thing. Nature papers are different from other journal articles, because Nature is the top-ranked journals. There are currently three major journals Nature, Science, Cell world, of which the most influential journal Nature. Although Nature highest impact factor is not, in fact, Nature Biotechnology\’s influenceNature factor is also slightly higher than a little, but this does not affect the actual Nature influence and appeal. Then again, how Nature published papers? It was a little more difficult to answer this question. In fact, many people have answered this question, we can go to the landing Shi Yigong blog, Yan Ning\’s blog, they are only called gurus of papers published in Nature has a unique perspective and described in detail – – I was just street punks, trespass it. Last article, I summed up what elements of Nature Biotechnology published several papers (see below). In fact, we published Nature paper, also published in Nature Biotechnology paper and similar, also need a good system, but also need to cooperate with each other, but more free atmosphere, so as to a good article. Therefore, it is not repeated here. However, the papers published in Nature and Nature Biotechnology paper or a little a little bit different, there are only nuances of difference, there are technical, but also on the strategy, but these differences is not easy to find us ordinary people. So, I wanted to start from the subtle here, talk about some of the strategic and technical papers published in Nature in all aspects of the details need to pay attention. First of all, the most important relationship. Can find a large cattle and backstage boss, it is the first element of papers published in Nature. In one area, the Nature papers can be published around the world just a minority group, only a few of these papers can be published in Nature boss usually we call Daniel. So, if students want to Nature published papers, it is best to enter these large cattle laboratories, therefore, to find Daniel boss, this relationship is the most important. If you do not have Daniel back, then Nature would like to express hope that the paper is very slim, no major cattle and background, even if no matter how hard, is not likely to publish Nature, overtime every night to do the experiment does not work. However, large cattle can not always published Nature paper, sometimes 10 papers of which only one Nature, then Nature paper they published the success rate of only 10%. However, even a 10% success rate, it is worth us to try, after all10% better than 0%, our hearts will have a glimmer of hope for Nature and fantasy. Secondly, to have enough confidence. Daniel entered the lab, does not mean you got the Nature paper. Nature published papers also need to have enough confidence and positive thinking. To be honest, I do not like to engage in scientific research, CNS do not like to read the paper, because most can not read. What is my favorite read? \”Records of the Historian.\” \”Historical Records\” 130, where the favorite \”Biography.\” Xiang Yu Qin Shi Huang had met, said a well-known words: \”He is also advisable and substituting\” – a powerful confidence this is what we in the process of papers published in Nature in need. So, when we face the journal Nature, say the word heart to know: \”He is desirable and substituting it.\” So we went out a West University, Tsinghua University Beijing over a year, five ultra Rockefeller, over fifteen years at Harvard, from which we will name more than one profile \”West University of cow meat soup.\” Then, we create universities, we have to learn to say Harvard sentence: \”He desirability and substituting it.\” Therefore, when we face the journal Nature, is the first element with large cattle out on the relationship, and the second element is to build confidence. Of course, in front of the boss, I suggest to be careful, it is best not to say \”he is also desirable and substituting\” even tempted to say, even if the talk about the heart, the mouth do not say it as well. If not wait any longer to say it, that your Nature paper is likely to be spoiled. Third, data collection and writing. Data collection may take some time, length of time varies. Some people spend five years to do the project data collection, some people only took one year to complete the data collection. After the completion of data collection, writing should be the last step. Before writing, you should be well aware of the project, has been very clear that he would be writing content. In general, wrote that thought. The writing process is broadly divided into two, I suggest that the two processes should separate area, not to be confused. The first process: writing. The second procedure: Modify. The writing process is already inside the brain like a good thing, take a pen and paper and come clean with a draft form, this process is a relatively fast process, of course, now there are computers, generally with a computer input, my typing speed not very fast, one minute you can enter 50-100 words. Of course, coupled with the thinking, if fast, then an hourYou can write about 500 words, if a 2000-word paper, you may be able to complete in one night. This is what we often see some big cow say on a night finished a Nature paper that is this. However, this is only a draft which is the form in which there must be many mistakes, the draft does not contribute as an official document. So we have to proceed to the next unit, is modified. Modifications may take a long time, you may need repeated changes may need to modify many people together, this is an iterative process until its own and co-workers feel satisfied. The process usually requires precise modifications to every word, every punctuation mark, repeated as appropriate. Because only accept English manuscript journal Nature, so for us, English is not the mother tongue will inevitably be some errors on the language appears. Normally, Nature editors will not bring much embarrassed, they will be aware of the difficulties we use English to express. There will inevitably be some writing experts, the bad data, write a good paper, published in Nature. In contrast, some students of the data done well, but because the writing level is not high but not published in Nature, have to say this is a pity. Fifth, the luck factor submission process. A very important element of luck also published Nature paper. In general, there will be several journal Nature editor responsible for the assessment and collection of manuscripts, the editors of some high and some low level, to be honest, Nature editors review these different point of view, given the conclusions are completely different. With a manuscript, put into different editing, you will get completely different results. Nature editors also often mixed with emotional factors, they tend to hire manuscript acquaintance, for people who do not know thrown in manuscript, generally for rejection process. This review process will need to use large cattle relationship, some large cattle manuscript reason why more than 90% + Nature is hired, but also because of the large editors know these famous people, as long as their name linked to the manuscript , the general will be considered. Moreover, in many cases, Nature and these big cattle who form an interest group, often take the initiative to find these large cattle asked him. Some of Daniel itself is Nature\’s editorial board, in this case, the trial his own manuscript, it can only be a 100% hit rate. Conversely, if the paper did notThere are big cow \’names, then the editors will put your paper into the recycle bin as general waste processing. Finally, I summed up the formula a published Nature paper, if students feel useful, wish to learn about: Nature = relationship (50%) + confidence (20%) + data (10%) + writing (10%) + luck (10%) should be noted that these five factors, not static, it is personal, in different circumstances, factors are not the same. For example, there are very few people who, in the absence of large cattle and background of the case, can successfully published Nature paper, but this is only a very small number of individual cases. Also, for example, some of the data is not good, but very good luck, success papers published in Nature, this situation is also possible. In short, with checks and balances between these five factors, plus a number of factors favorable factors to the ultimate success of papers published in Nature. We look forward to a high of Nature paper, we generally believe that Nature paper is the cattle must be very, very high level. However, I have to say, this view is wrong. Nature paper is also poor, and seriously irrigation, false data, and so on bad behavior occurs. In particular, some large cattle, by virtue of their fame, every year in Nature irrigation, irrigation quite a few times a year, the level of the poor, there is no innovation, leading to good papers in other areas there is no way published in the journal Nature, they occupy a large number of research funding, so that other areas can not be funded. You say, this Nature paper is to be congratulated for it? Or you should despise it? More seriously, fraud, false data and then defraud a lot of research funding, too many examples too much, I will not list them. Briefly, Nature paper, the presence of large amounts of data and conclusions untrusted papers, there are a large number of poor level of papers, every one of a large number of papers exist, there is a lot of empty paper material, there are a lot of false data papers. This, I think, we do not simply blind worship of the existence of a psychological Nature, but the need for Nature journals do a more comprehensive understanding and deeper reflection. I wish the students a speedy published Nature paper, thank you. Received today Nature Biotechnology the Notification \”Editor\’s note: retrieved, should a period two NBT fuss is received, a fuss:. Pan B, Askew C, Galvin A, et al Gene therapy restores auditory and vestibular function in a mouse model of Usher syndrome type 1c Nat Biotechnol 2017; 35 (3):… 264-272; together a fuss: Landegger LD, Pan B, Askew C, et al a synthetic AAV vector enables safe and efficient gene transfer to the mammalian inner ear. Nat Biotechnol 2017; 35 (3):. 280-284 \”I, as the first author, I feel very happy, a heavy boulder heart finally came, I worked the past five years, and finally had a more perfect answer and results. Recalling the past five years, 35 years old I began to take up this project, it has been 40 years old, five years has gone through many hardships and tears, five years have experienced a lot of frustration and a heavy blow, have thought about many times in five years give up and quit, five years under enormous psychological pressure, the past five years has been quietly endured loneliness helpless and destitute …… however, I did not give up five years of sword, and finally published a Nature Biotechnology paper, for For a scientist, my heart feel quite satisfied, five years of efforts finally paid off, and not in vain. Rejoicing, I have the courage to take this opportunity to also write about this more than five years in-depth experience and feelings of scientific research. As a result, to thank the hard work of my colleagues, but also thanks to the strong support of his wife and family in behind it. Secondly, I would like to share with you my story, and together we discuss how a high level of papers published in leading international journals. Publish quality papers, there are many, many factors, I combine my five yearsFor more than experience and lessons learned, summarizing summed up here to talk about the high level of published papers and the key factors influencing conditions. I think that publish quality research papers have the following key factors: first, a good system. I have been thinking, how can publish quality papers. I think, I published the first element of the Nature Biotechnology paper thanks to a good system. In fact, I think this is a long, long time before this conclusion, so that should be said that this conclusion is considered mature. I put the system in the first place, because the system is too important. In a good system, Cock wire can be successful; the system is not good, then good people have not come out to play. To be honest, I was actually a Cock wire, like me Cock wire can also be published in Nature Biotehnology, staged a real \”Cock wire counter-attack\”, and a big reason is that thanks to good scientific research system. I was always thought that a same person in a bad system will become mediocre, it will become good people in the system. Good system encouraging people to make progress, the system makes a bad fall. Therefore, advanced system is the first prerequisite to ensure that I published Nature Biotechnology paper. Second, freedom of thought. I put freedom of thought in the second place, this is my personal thinking long-term results, this result should be said to be considered mature. I was able to publish Nature Biotechnology, a very important reason is attributed to the result of freedom of thought, ideas confined only to liberate, to be able to write a good article. However, there are some of our practices may not be conducive to emancipation of the mind, including internet censorship, media control, propaganda and guidance, information filtering, media manipulation, etc., will cause people\’s minds imprisonment, seriously affecting people\’s creativity, allowing scientists become a political mistress, allowing scientists degenerated into power slaves. Therefore, our minds, academic freedom, academic freedom to create a relaxed environment, science and technology innovation can help, help produce original ideas, let\’s think outside the box from academic constraints, allowing scientists no longer politics, power, money vases and vassal product, which is another important factor publish quality papers, I personally put this factor in second place. Third, diversity and inclusiveness. Modern science has diversity, a variety of skillsSurgery also become ever more finely, which I fully understood. Papers are often able to accommodate a high level of diversity of ideas and technology, Nature Biotechnology this journal is a journal of high standard, it provides a good platform, very inclusive, it can accommodate a wide variety of world the most advanced ideas, so advanced ideas and technology into the thesis, while tolerant of different views, different ideas inclusiveness, tolerance of different views, then make it a level significantly higher than other paper publications. In the journal Nature Biotechnology, backward ideas and technologies will be eliminated, advanced ideas will be recognized and published. So, as much as possible inclusion of advanced ideas, let diversification papers, also published an essential factor in the high level papers. Level journal Nature Biotechnology this reason high, because it is very inclusive. Fourth, people. The relationship between people can live together, but also a high level of published papers critical factor. Publish quality papers, not just technical problems, human relations is also very important. A high level of papers is completed, the coordination of individual strengths and abilities, in which each person\’s role is different, how to get everyone to play an effective role in the subject project, the key is people. No harmonious interpersonal relationships, a high level of published papers unlikely. Especially for a lot of people to participate in our subject, and there are many foreigners involved, we need to accommodate different races, different languages, different cultures, different beliefs, different habits, this time, the abolition of prejudice, human equality becomes more important . Scientific paper to make a difference beyond, we need to have the courage to go beyond the limitations of race or cultural bias, among other factors. Fifth, financial support. Of course, adequate research funding support is also an important factor in investment funds including the purchase of equipment, staffing, student training, exchange meetings and so on, therefore, can be said that adequate funding is important to ensure a high level of published papers. Of course, not to say that the more money the higher level papers. We have many examples of this, including the theory of relativity, gravitation and other world-class original discovery, they are not made out of huge national funds in support of the results. So, it seems huge capital investment and high-level papers are not necessarily linked. On the contrary, there is a lot of time, resourcesGold uneven distribution leads to a lot of negative issues, for example, the purpose of many scientists engaged in research into mere pursuit of economic interests, fishing purely for state funding, quick success, the emergence of a variety of fraud plagiarism scandals, there was even more severe the corruption problem. Sixth, the executive power. Impact of Administrative Power in science, can be said to be very great. Now, more and more scientists to do the administration, such as when the president, vice president, party secretary and so do the job, a multiple roles, too busy. Admittedly, after an official, will occupy more resources, you can recruit more students, financial, human and material resources will be greatly enhanced, most of them are published more than 20 papers each year, so the opportunity to publish quality papers it will be greatly increased. So, this is a very viable path, most of the scientific staff will choose this path, through the administrative power to harvest the paper, which is a shortcut, revenue is considerable. However, in my opinion, scientists have administrative authority may also bring some negative effects, excessive administrative intervention, often detrimental to the development of science. So, while we have the executive power, must use their power in the hands of good, controlled expansion of lust for power, in order to prevent too much power, promoted confidants, crack down on dissidents, inbreeding, abuse of power, the occurrence of crime and other issues of their own pockets. Postscript: Then again, Nature Biotechnology just high impact factor, also higher than the Nature \”Note: Nat Biotechnol IF = 41.667; Nature IF = 40.137,\” but that does not necessarily indicate a high level of my thesis, impact factor and thesis there is no absolute level proportional relationship. The first paper on artemisinin published in the \”Science Bulletin\” journal \”Science Bulletin\” The journal impact factor is not high, but it also has published many articles in the papers a high level of originality. Furthermore, most of the original papers in the world, and not published in high impact factor journals. Therefore, factors affecting the level of just a side evaluation, often inaccurate. How to level the paper, you need to evaluate a time. From a single impact factor to evaluate the level of the paper, it is inadequate, one-sided. There is another problem, that is taking too long, only five made a paper in academia is impossible to survive. Now more and more high-yield research, listenSaid that last year there was a doctoral student in two years a total of six first author published Science paper, I think this is a landmark event in the world history of science, history of science is the world stands at a new peak. In any case, he made a Nature Biotechnology paper is always a good thing, in this, but also want to work harder, under a high level of paper will not wait too long for you to continue to put out another three without Scientist the \”Cock wire counter-attack again,\” the wonderful story.