Heavy: The world\’s first block 10 3D printing layer PCB board born

2020 May 19, Munich, Germany, and Boca Raton, Florida (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT with leading 3D printing electronics (AME) / printed electronics (PE) supplier Nano Dimension cooperation in the use of 3D Print technology development of high-performance electronic components in the process achieved a major breakthrough. Nano Dimension using newly developed inks and dielectric polymer conductive ink, HENSOLDT successfully assembled the world\’s first layer 10 a 3D print circuit board (PCB), a circuit board are soldered on both sides of a high-performance electronic structure . Prior to this, 3D printing, the circuit board can not withstand soldering process elements sided opening.

the first block 10 △ world 3D print layer PCB board

\”Sensor Solutions military performance requirements and reliability level is much higher than the commercial program element.\” Hensoldt CEO Thomas Müller said. \”By way of 3D printing, faster and with less effort to obtain a high density of components, so that we have a competitive advantage in the development of such high-end electronic systems.\” \”Nano Dimension and HENSOLDT company\’s partnership is our ideals type of customer cooperation, \”Nano Dimension Yoav Stern, president and CEO commented. \”And HENSOLDT cooperation and learning, so that we reach an unprecedented insight into the application of polymer materials. It also guided our developed Hi-PED (high-performance electronic devices) to achieve unique in the shortest time to market applications, creating a competitive advantage. \”

△ the world\’s first block 10 layer 3D printing PCB circuit board

HENSOLDT started working with Nano Dimension of DragonFly 3D printing system in 2016, 3D printing to study the possibility of electronic products. 2019, HENSOLDT successful implementation of the DragonFly Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) printing technology, which is the industry\’s only all-weather 3D Printing rapid prototyping platform for producing an electronic circuit.

3D printing principle circuit

3D printing electronic circuit design and verification of new specific electronic components before the production is very useful, is a highly agile and personalized engineering methods for new electronic circuit prototyping. This makes the time and cost of the development process is greatly reduced. In addition, before the start of production will be able to provide proven and approved design, thus improving the quality of the final product.

3D printed circuit board technology principle:

Additive simultaneously producing a plurality of materials all these revolutionary approach that can help redefine the attributes of the future electronic products, including the density, size and flexibility. Equipped with at least two print heads, for a nano-silver conductive ink, another ink used for the dielectric polymer. DragonFly LDM allows the use of two inks printed simultaneously in a single 3D print job. When 重磅:世界首块10层3D打印PCB电路板诞生 However, multilayer printed circuit 3D, design to the line, the distance layer and the layer directly issues, will produce a large problem. So, this breakthrough 3D printing circuit 10 floors, is a new milestone.

△ It is this breakthrough technological advances, 2020 May 19 Nano Dimension Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: NNDM) shares soared 341%

[ 123] vision for the future of 3D printing circuit

3D printed circuit there are many traditional PCB processes do not have advantages:

    freedom to innovate, without the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes.

  • 3D printing each part of the circuit design, for dynamic testing.

  • to create without drilling or plated through-holes and vias.

  • in a few hours to print electronic circuitry.

  • , saving space, weight and cost, but also by incorporating innovative design geometry and complex new functions.

  • simplified workflow and simple operation.

  • long uninterrupted 3D printing and to be unattended.

  • Nano Dimension (Nasdaq, TASE: NNDM) is a supplier of intelligent machines for 3D printing technology to produce electronics (AME) is. Nano Dimension Company 2019 annual revenues of $ 7.07 million in 2018 to $ 5.1 million increase is due to increased product sales during 2019; 2019 research and development expenses were $ 8.002 million; but in 2019 full-year net loss US $ 8.353 million. Revenue of $ 7.07 million, a loss of $ 8.353 million! A large number of R & D investment led to losses of large. Moreover, not only a loss in 2019, but 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, every year at a loss! Visibility into the emerging technology of large, long payback period of! Require a long-term vision and patient enough to stick with it.

Nano Dimension is now possible to realize multilayer printed PCB circuit 3D, 3D long-term goal is to produce printed circuit technology from prototype to mass industrial applications were to go to. If, once achieved, then the unlimited market potential prospects. At present, they have to focus to more variety, small quantities of material by 3D printing an electronic circuit, such as a sensor, antenna, RF amplifier, a capacitor and the like.