High quality graphene aqueous phase is successfully achieved efficiently prepared

Fudan University, State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers Lu Hongbin Task Force in cooperation with the Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore Luo Jianping research group, in the graphene surface by introducing a very small amount can be ionized oxygen functional groups, to achieve a high-quality graphene in the aqueous phase production efficiency, to accelerate the large-scale industrial applications of graphene play an important role in promoting. Related outcomes recently published online in \”Nature – Communications.\” Graphene is an important strategic emerging materials. However, how to achieve high-quality graphene with high efficiency, large-scale preparation has been the key problem restricting the large-scale application. The researchers used a stable dispersion of non strategies to achieve a rapid, high yield at high concentrations of the release, product release 90% or more as a single layer of graphene, and less lattice defects, the conductivity of the film or even up to 2.5 × 104S / m. The stripping process, the surface of the electric double layer is compressed, the graphene flocculation precipitate formed precipitate manner, even if the latter is concentrated to a solids content of 23wt% cake after storage at room temperature in January, still dispersed again in an aqueous solution to form a homogeneous stable graphene suspension, so as to effectively solve the problem of the storage and transport graphene scale applications. Meanwhile, the graphene phase aqueous slurry prepared by this method exhibit excellent rheological properties, graphene airgel can print directly through 3D shapes, such as graphene storage, environmental control, multifunction applications of composite materials has opened up new avenues.