High temperature and low temperature! The aerogels of Nano Kevlar fibers produced

May 15, reporters learned that the researcher Suzhou Nanotechnology and Nano-bionics Institute of Zhang with the leadership team of airgel nano-fiber dispersion obtained by dissolving DuPont Kevlar fiber, has prepared a high porosity and high Kevlar fiber surface area than aerogels, having excellent mechanical properties, can be bent, knotting, braiding and the like having excellent mechanical properties, can be bent, knotting, weaving and the like. 抗高温又耐低温!苏州纳米所制备凯夫拉气凝胶纤维 Kevlar properties 1, the permanent heat flame retardancy, Loi limiting oxygen index of greater than 28.2, the permanent antistatic properties. 3, the permanent erosion acid and an organic solvent. 4, high-strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance. 5, no fire droplet generation, does not produce toxic gases. 6, when the fire cloth fabric thickening, enhanced tightness, not broken. Due to the cold Dress for warmth, light and functionality of the increasingly high, resulting in its basic materials – warm fiber requirements are also increasing. Traditional natural fiber and chemical fiber application potential has almost developed, so the need for traditional chemical fiber innovation on the structure in order to obtain more favorable thermal properties. Fifties of last century, DuPont developed a characteristic shaped fibers, gloss chemical fiber and bulkiness was a great improvement. Among the many shaped fibers, hollow fibers significantly increased because the content of the still air inside thereof, thus significantly improving the thermal properties of chemical fibers. Seventies of last century, researchers developed a microfiber, microfiber produced by the artificial leather biomimetic materials to make chemical fiber flush with the thermal properties of natural materials. Through the study of hollow fibers and ultrafine fibers it was found, and is proportional to the thermal properties of the fiber material content of the still air inside the fibrous material, and inversely proportional to fiber diameter, and inversely proportional to the overall density of the material. Fibers having high porosity aerogels, and other salient features of the ultra-low density, thermal insulation effect is theoretically the best kind of fibers, the ultrafine fibers is expected to replace, or even subvert down, the next generation is the most important fiber warm direction. However, the high porosity characteristics also contributed to the preparation of airgel facing great challenges. Related outcomes to \”Nanofibrous Kevlar Aerogel Threads for Thermal Insulation in HarshEnvironments \”in the title, published in the international journal\” ACS Nano \”(DOI: 10.1021 / acsnano.9b01094).. Boshihoulv on doctoral Liuzeng Wei and Jing are co-first author of the study, the same researcher Zhang is the corresponding author of the paper paper work won the national Natural Science Foundation of China, key national research and development program, the Royal Society – funded Newton senior scholar funds 抗高温又耐低温!苏州纳米所制备凯夫拉气凝胶纤维.