How airgel promote energy saving?

Aerospace industry November 3, 2016 at 20:00 :: 43, China\’s new generation large-capacity carrier rocket Long March V successful maiden flight in Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in Hainan! Wherein Nanostructured Aerogels insulation batt products provide an effective means for the rocket insulation gas piping system, the successful launching of the present to provide effective protection. Mezzanine suit also apply to airgel insulation, so as to achieve the effect of protecting astronauts. Aerogels insulating material can be used as insulating layer material of the aircraft cabin. Efficient heat insulating material can be used as submarines, missile destroyers steam power reactors, evaporators, steam boilers as well as complex high-temperature piping system can be enhanced thermal insulation effect, reducing the temperature of the cabin, while effectively reducing the amount of insulating material, by the use of large cabin space, improve various work environments. Airgel insulation material quality can be lighter, smaller volume to achieve better insulation effect, this feature has great advantages in aerospace applications. Petrochemical heavy airgel high temperature insulation blankets may be used between the extraction steam injection heat pipe and the incubation medium line refining apparatus, the temperature of the medium at 200 ℃ ~ 600 ℃. Airgel thin article can effectively reduce the amount of external insulation layer, and having excellent water repellency, water repellency rate of 99.6% and a PH value is neutral, does not corrode insulated pipe channel, whereby construction to extend the service life of the object, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. The same insulation effect, the use of airgel blanket insulation construction can effectively reduce the volume of the object, thereby significantly improving the arrangement of the conduit. Current industrial conveyor heating pipe, the pipe has a temperature of from several tens of degrees to 600 degrees. Currently the most traditional insulation materials aluminum silicate, Glass wool , rockwool and the like. However, more serious because these water-absorbing materials, insulation after water absorption will sink, resulting in a decline of the insulation effect. Rock wool and pollution of the environment, can not do when solid waste landfill after use, must undergo a special treatment process, so the rock wool insulation has slowly been abandoned. During storage power energy conversion power plant, the airgel insulation materials can effectively reduce the heat loss, heat savingsYou can improve the utilization efficiency of the heat source, ensure the unit economic operation. Select insulation materials should first follow safe non-toxic, stable, non-radioactive, the principle of reusable; Second, we should pay close attention to the development trend of improved insulation materials, and construction methods of the site to make it more rational and efficient design firepower heat setting power plants. The main purpose of insulation: >> reduce heat loss to save material placed in an air duct of the heat transfer medium when the heat loss causes, if to be insulated, the thermal energy loss of up to about 85%. >> ensure the safety of operators and improve working conditions exposed parts of the body to cause burns if touched medium to a temperature above 60 deg.] C in thermal power plant, many pipes medium temperature between 100 ~ 500 ℃, so in such an environment the work must provide anti-scald insulation. >> and equipment to prevent freezing of the liquid pipe, the outer surface of the condensation temperature is below the freezing point, the freezing medium will result in a pipeline, the outdoor piping and equipment condensation on the outer surface when the unit starts and stops. >> prevent the heat medium in the pipeline process temperature decreases as the temperature decreases, the viscosity of start of fuel and lubricants will increase, resulting in slow transmission media, or even frozen. >> prevent a fire when a flammable or combustible materials near the heat pipes, equipment, due to thermal energy transfer, in the absence Insulation , the fire. >> improve the fire insulating insulation material most also have certain fire resistance, it can effectively prevent the pipe, the device is not destroyed in case of fire. >> prevent vapor condensation in vapor transport process medium, if not to be insulated, it is possible due to the sake of temperature drop cause vapor condensation. It is obvious from the main purpose of insulation, the insulation material selection will directly affect the insulation effect. LNG cryogenic insulation in order to improve the safety and efficiency of LNG transportation, we must study the cold material, while the airgel will be the most suitable cold insulation material. Airgel insulation materials as the best properties cold world, having a low thermal conductivity, good fire-repellentWater resistance, fire rating class A1, hydrophobic rate is greater than or equal to 99%; nano unique three dimensional network structure to provide excellent high temperature stability, to avoid the traditional bulk material due to vibration generated deformation results in a sharp decline in insulation performance; the same time, an inorganic product material, does not contain harmful substances and neutral PH value, no corrosion of the construction object; airgel excellent performance over conventional materials will make it the material of choice in the field of cold preservation in the future. City heating network heat pipe insulation is one of the effective energy saving measures, of centralized heating, the hot water generated by the heat source, steam piped to individual heat users constitutes a heating network. In the heating pipe to heat transport from the heat source to each user system by process heat, since the temperature of the heat medium pipe is higher than the ambient temperature, heating pipes have some heat loss along, therefore, to ensure the quality of the heat insulation work , energy conservation has great significance. Airgel buried insulating pipe suitable for conveying works in a cold preservation of various media in the range of -250 ℃ -750 ℃. It is widely used in urban central heating, heat-cab, cold storage, coal, oil pipelines ports, chemical, natural gas pipelines, electricity buried, central air-conditioning pipe insulation, cable threading pipe, steam pipe insulation and other industries cold insulation project. Heating pipeline object is to reduce the thermal insulation medium heat loss during transport, and energy conservation, improved economy and safety of the system operation. The role of insulation to reduce energy loss and save energy, improve economic efficiency, protect the operating parameters of the medium, to meet user requirements of production and life. For the insulation of high temperature medium pipe, it can reduce the temperature of the outer surface of the insulation layer, to improve the working conditions of the environment, to avoid scalding accidents. Buried pipe insulation in some foreign countries has become a more mature and advanced technologies. Over the last decade, China\’s heating engineering and technical personnel through the digestion and absorption of this advanced technology is driving the domestic pipeline laying technology to a higher level of development. The results of 10 years of practice has fully proved the insulation buried pipe laying method compared with the conventional trench and aerial installation, airgel buried pipe insulation has a very prominent advantages: 1, reducing the total cost of the project: Buried airgel pipe insulation good insulation properties, heat loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe, long run can save a lot of energy, significantly reduce energy costs. 2, highly waterproof and corrosion resistance: no attached trench,It can be directly buried in the ground or water, simple and fast construction, and lower total cost. At low temperatures also have good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, can be directly buried permafrost. 3, the service life of up to 20 years: Proper installation and use enables the pipe network maintenance costs low. 4, a low heat loss, energy conservation: the thermal conductivity of 0.018W / m · k, much lower than the other pipe insulation material used in the past, the effect of improving the insulation 3 to 8 times. Low water absorption and low thermal conductivity, changed the traditional trench laying heating pipes \”wearing wet jacket\” situation, greatly reducing the overall heat loss of the heating pipe, the heat net heat loss of 2%, the international standard requires 10% less than . 5, small footprint, construction, favorable environmental protection: buried heating pipe does not require masonry huge trench, just insulation pipe buried in the ground, thus greatly reducing the project area, reducing the excavation of about 50 % or more, reducing the amount of civil masonry and concrete 90%. Meanwhile, field trenching and pipe insulation processing in parallel, only site linker, can shorten the construction period more than about 50%. Electronic appliances improve the thermal efficiency of residential water heaters, many manufacturers focus on research vacuum tube, open source is important, the throttle can not be ignored, tank insulation work to do to improve the thermal efficiency of the water heater has the same significance. Thermal insulation materials and has a lot of time length, within 24 hours of cooling at room temperature water tank controlled at 5-7 ° C as a standard. Water heater insulation materials used by different manufacturers there are differences, some use low-cost insulation materials, thermal insulation effect is difficult to be guaranteed, which virtually increase the energy consumption of heat pump water heaters. Household electrical and electronic types of thermal insulating material range of the latest airgel insulation material appeared on the market at present, and arguably the best materials instead of traditional insulation materials. Airgel has excellent insulating properties and excellent workability, can be used and thermal insulation equipment, electric components. Up to about 1000 ℃ heat environment, not only that, airgel thermal insulation material excellent in thermal insulation performance is also reflected in the following aspects: low thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity at room temperature 0.018W / m · k; Excellent hydrophobic properties, hydrophobic rate ≥99%; excellent machining performance; high strength, tear resistant; high flexibility; safe nontoxic; class a fire protection.Easy to cut because of its good integrity, it is used in various fields: industrial insulation, sealing; equipment, insulated heating element; heating equipment insulation pipe insulation, automotive, aerospace industry, heat insulating; materials, metallurgy, insulating glass industry ; the molten metal gasket, fireproof materials; household appliances, microwave ovens, electric stove, an oven, a fireplace, a gas stove, hair dryer special insulation and the like.