How to build a greenhouse on Mars airgel insulation

In all the planets in the solar system, Mars is given a special look human scientists to explore the planet, and life is always relevant. Mars due to the presence of iron-rich mineral weathering in the soil, and has a bright rusty, they are also often the scientists judge and \”Red Planet.\” As we all know, for life, Mars is currently not friendly natural conditions, therefore, how to improve the living conditions of life on Mars, it has also become an important issue in this exploration of the planet. The scientists found in a new study, it is possible by means of silica airgel placed in or over the surface of Mars, to improve the world-friendliness of life. insulating airgel how to build a greenhouse on Mars how to build a greenhouse on Mars? About airgel insulation principle, the scientists is a brief description of: airgel insulation such as silica airgel, allowing Mars surface warming, but also the temperature enough to melt water ice here and keep state after melting; at the same time, it also has can block harmful ultraviolet radiation, which means that plants and other life (the need for life photosynthesis) environment is likely to survive thus formed. In the laboratory, the scientists simulated Martian state, and silica airgel As in the state. In this process, by solar energy to reach the same order of magnitude of the surface of Mars, and hit material found when the airgel layer has a 2-3 cm, they can let the Martian surface temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius throughout the year to achieve its underground ice several meters depth, the temperature is sufficient to melt, and any surrounding material can be protected from harmful radiation. About airgel placed, relatively speaking relatively simple, because it does not have the effect of basic physics have much impact, it can be placed directly on the surface of Mars. Since the proportion of heat emitted from the side will be reduced, but still can be done in purpose to achieve more substantial greenhouse warming, so it will diffuse into a larger area, it might be able to make solid-state greenhouse effect becomes more effective. Mars between latitude 45 degrees to 45 degrees latitude, the latitude with the huge many areas have a wealth of near-surface water ice, and the ash layer on the airgel can be blown away in short, almost anywhere here, there is enough sunlight can produce large amounts of warming effect. And, through the airgel to improve the Martian environment in such a way, itself has tentative (achievability) and scalability (copy method), whichFaced controversy should make less than some of terraforming Mars within worldwide. Mars may be the cause of the Earth and two kinds of implementation through human understanding of Mars before the point of view of ancient Mars, like Earth, and now, is ideal for a lot of life to live, it was also the land and rivers marine features. And it\’s all been changed in about 40 billion years ago, when the global magnetic field deprived, the situation here has changed dramatically. Mars had a thick atmosphere, the sun was stripped of charged particles, leading to not keep too much heat and ultraviolet radiation results. Martian surface and therefore become more and more dry and cold, so that its underground aquifers, became the only potential home life. Scientists Robin Wordsworth said that life on Mars, and will probably never be able to achieve something, but we should also consider trying to achieve in a decimal time scales, rather than into the later centuries, and these the idea of ​​the result, depends only on human determination and ability. How to make Mars become more friendly to life, the scientists discuss on this subject, most of them are concentrated in the atmosphere to restore the past, for example, by evaporation of a large amount of water ice and frozen carbon dioxide, but this kind of \”terraforming\” method to achieve it is very difficult, not only requires a lot of time, but more expensive cost. The inspiration Robin Wordsworth these studies, the carbon dioxide from the Martian polar ice caps black spots, because these spots are thought to be caused by changes in the solid state greenhouse effect that snow and ice in the interior of translucent after absorption of sunlight is heated, so that the sun these things gradually melted, and silica airgel may be able to achieve a similar effect. On earth, silica aerogels are widely used as an insulator; Mars cold night, a thin layer of these things also help keep Mars in a warm state. Human become able to make Mars like Earth For a long time, Mars is the human hopes for life, there are many researchers devised by carbon dioxide Mars makes Mars becomes uninhabitable method, so that the planet\’s temperature rises, the water becomes thick to maintain the stability of liquid and air. In theory, the use of these greenhouse gases present in Mars can indeed change the atmosphere, so that Mars and Earth has become similar. But there is a real problem is that carbon dioxide on Mars GeneralThey are present in rock and ice caps in polar and these add up to the atmospheric pressure on Mars is only increased by about three times, but it is only one-fiftieth of the atmosphere needed to adapt to life on Earth is carbon dioxide, and the red planet only able to provide greenhouse gas warming, and only carbon dioxide. In short, not enough carbon dioxide on Mars, can be used to make Earth-like planets. From the detected data, the current amount of carbon dioxide may contact Mars, only raised the temperature of the surface is less than 10 degrees Celsius, and Mars in winter, the temperature will drop enough to cause condensation of atmospheric carbon dioxide into the surface ice. In addition, even if there is more carbon dioxide on Mars, it takes a lot of effort in order to release this gas into the atmosphere, most of which are difficult to enter the gas. On how to obtain and release carbon dioxide on Mars, although there have been many suggestions and theoretical methods, but the implementation is very difficult. Over the years, because Mars is closer to Earth from the (relative), so it is relatively mankind, \”the most accessible of the planet,\” and it is the only planet can be described as having a climate. Of course, the future of technology is likely to allow humans to today not possible to change the way to Mars, rather than all the energy used in the Mars becomes a matter on Earth 2.0.