How vaporized silica airgel insulation furnace installed carpet construction

Silica Aerogels mat also known as \”blue smoke\”, \”solid smoke\”, is the lightest known solid materials, materials with good insulation properties so far. Because of its nanoporous structure (1 ~ 100nm), low density (3 ~ 250kg / m3), low dielectric constant (1.1 to 2.5), low thermal conductivity (0.013 ~ 0.025W / (mk)), high porosity (80 to 99.8 %), high specific surface area (500 ~ 1000m2 / g) and other characteristics. This project is vaporized in the furnace insulation, construction plan for construction in the inner wall of the container provided by the construction unit and requirements. Works include three sub-: vaporizing furnace # -1, # -2 gasification furnace, the gasification furnace # -3. The inner diameter of the combustion chamber nearly 3 meters, spherical head distal end, an intermediate cylindrical surface, the tapered rear end of the inclined surface, the inner surface of the vast amount of takeover. Construction more difficult, and no reference to the precedent. Note before construction: 1 in order to insulate construction equipment after pressure strength test, tightness test and corrosion engineering construction needs. 2. insulation member is fixed by welding on a preservative, industrial equipment and pipe lining, and weld heat treatment after welding must be performed before the corrosion, and the liner pressure test. 3. Ensure that all need to be clean and dry insulated piping and equipment surfaces. 4. airgel insulation engineering quality pre-construction deal with the situation insulations and its products checked to ensure that its products itself airgel insulation felt clean, dry, good thermal insulation properties. 5. insulation engineering construction personnel should be equipped with a sound labor protection. 6. The construction site should be set up temporary water and power supply facilities, roads should be clear, there should be an appropriate processing site, the construction machinery should be a reasonable match. 1. safety of construction workers are required to wear gas masks, dust caps and gloves (if the conditions can wear coveralls), wearing goggles. 2. When construction is completed or come to an end, the tools and site clean up. 3. Make sure the tank well ventilated to prevent the tank construction workers suffocation caused by hypoxia. The tank shall not affect the safety of objects or facilities, and qualified lighting measures.Construction adopt double airgel insulation mat laid. Tight joints, smooth surface, with no bubbling staggered joint layer, laminated inside and outside seam to ensure the insulation effect. 1. In order to divide the workplace insulation construction can be efficient, we recommend that a separate set crop area. In the cutting zone airgel insulation mat cut into a desired size construction, the size of the cropped to facilitate construction. 2. Set the crop should note the following: the crop should have some protection facilities to prevent material damage. The crop length and width should be set a suitable cutting table or cutting board, and placed to prepare a scaffold. 3. Application of a strength suitable tube cut through the entire volume of airgel insulation mat, is placed on the support. The insulating material is then plated in the previous cutting stage holder, the construction according to the size required, crop selection tool. 4. Crop recommended good material covered or wrapped plastic sheeting, to facilitate transported to the construction zone.