Hu Xiaoyuan: airgel composite products industry needs to promote the Union

Insulation energy-saving materials in our early 80s really began to develop, from the initial development of multi-application in the industrial sector to the widely used building insulation field, and its prospects are ambitious. In this vibrant industry, Aerogels complex products but also because of its overall performance unmatched become the focus of attention. To this end, the reporter interviewed the China Association of energy-saving insulation materials, executive vice president Hu Xiaoyuan, from a professional point asked her to introduce future direction of the current energy-saving insulation materials and the development of airgel composite products. future broad space for development \”currently on the market mainstream energy-saving insulation material, basically in the 1980s began to develop, for example, rockwool , glass fiber and organic cotton materials are state-level new materials to promote the development strategy. airgel composite insulation products in the field of energy as a more promising products in recent years is attracting people\’s attention, but it is not a fully mature a product of \”Hu Xiaoyuan when it comes to energy-saving insulation materials industry, said:\” the development of the energy-saving insulation materials industry is not as mature cement and other building materials products, the scale of it from the market and are not a very mature product, our country such a great country with 1.3 billion people, energy-saving insulation material far not been widely used throughout the industry, there is a very large room for improvement. \”According to Hu Xiaoyuan introduced, China Association of energy-saving insulation materials focus is the earliest work in the industrial field, and with the level of technology as well as people increasingly high demand for energy-saving, energy-saving insulation materials it has now been widely used in building insulation collar, which is the application of two-thirds of the market share in the field of building insulation. \”From the point of view the overall size, insulation material in the construction of energy-saving large amount of insulation applications, but its application and promotion in this area mainly in recent years began, especially in building insulation of the mandatory requirements of the course is relatively short, from the most begin demands in building design, followed by the requirements, including the building housing the Department every year to check the implementation of standards in product application. the current people have attached great importance building energy question, insulation energy-saving materials the industry has a very . good development prospects and great room for improvement, \”Hu Xiaoyuan, said:\” adiabatic sectionMaterials wide range of applications, such as new energy vehicles, rail transportation, cold chain logistics, photovoltaic, clothing, sports equipment, energy storage, environmental protection and other fields. Energy-saving insulation materials are now expanding the application of the marginal line, this is a sunrise industry, composite airgel insulation products as a new type of energy-saving materials have much room for improvement. \”It is understood that airgel composite products are currently under development with more exploratory stage, and not really begin to industrialize use, not to create a large-scale output. However, due to the composite airgel insulation products with energy-saving materials can not match the superiority of performance and explore the potential to be large, so that it has a high degree of attention of. overall performance can not be compared when a reporter asked airgel composite products currently on the market mainstream insulation What are the advantages when compared to the material, Hu Xiaoyuan said: \”airgel composite products compared with the thermal insulation material widely used on the market today, not to say that performance in some way better than other products, but its overall performance is superior . \”\” Among energy-saving insulation material widely used in the current market, some better thermal insulation materials, fire resistant materials, some better, some materials better water resistance, and some material has a unique advantage in one respect, but airgel composite material products able to put together these advantages, it is currently saving any kind of insulation material can not be done. \”Hu Xiaoyuan detail illustrates the superiority of airgel composite article material, for example among the thermal conductivity of the heat insulating material is an organic material saving is best among all materials, the thermal conductivity can be achieved as a polyurethane 0.019W / (m · K). However, it is because of its good thermal conductivity, high coefficient of combustion, fire flammable, which doomed it can not be used indoors. we current emphasis on increasing fire due to fire performance polyurethane material not great limits on the extent of its scope. Likewise polystyrene foam (EPS) is also faced with the problem, the current field of buildings more energy-efficient, 70% EPS market, probably in its thermal conductivity 0.039W / (m · K ), but the fire is flammable. 75% energy saving building and do, then the material will be made very thick in the northeast cold areas in accordance with state regulations, which restrict its application market is currently a large market EPS but it is expectedDue to their own reasons limits, as well as new material into its future development will be limited or even shrinking of the market appear. Inorganic materials fire performance Class A fire can do well, but it\’s not good thermal conductivity, but also in its production process is bound to be a lot of energy and the environment have been affected. Huxiao Yuan said: \”energy-saving materials among insulating materials in addition to these other materials are also faced with the problems, the advantages of this integrated airgel composite article is particularly the valuable.\” Rate of change of temperature coefficient of thermal conductivity of the airgel composite article curve unlike other insulating material such as saving with increased temperature has a zoom process, the thermal conductivity variation curve is relatively flat, like the pipe insulation effect of this on the market better than the current mainstream of the heat insulating effect of the insulating material. In the field of building energy generally measure the temperature between 25 ~ 75 ℃, but even airgel composite article to a temperature 600 deg.] C, the thermal conductivity can be maintained at 0.04 ~ 0.06W / (m · K), which highlights its advantage. Hu Xiaoyuan also said that a longer service life airgel composite products is unmatched by other insulation materials, insulation materials commonly used for maintenance will be carried out after a few years, be replaced, and the longer the life of airgel composite products reduced maintenance costs, more environmentally friendly energy, its stable thermal conductivity can reduce the thickness of the insulation material in cold areas, reduce the use of space. twists and turns a bright future When talking about the development prospects of airgel composite products in the field of thermal insulation, Hu Xiaoyuan pointed airgel composite products have a very wide range of applications markets, but also to see the current constraints facing the development. It is understood that the current airgel composite article has not yet formed scale, automated production capacity, which inevitably have to face cost issues, technical issues and safety problems in production. Current airgel composite products, production technology is not yet a fully mature technology, research institutes, companies and equipment manufacturers are faced with a lot of technical bottlenecks, we are still in a early exploratory stage, a lack of standardization and regulation of the production process . Hu Xiaoyuan, said: \”The current production of airgel composite products businesses currently have not entered the stage of profit, they will invest a lot of money each year for research and development, we can say that the futureThe future is bright, but the development of the road is tortuous. \”People recognize the current future development of space airgel product, even given its high expectations, some reports that its compound annual growth rate of 40% to 50%. However, Hu Xiaoyuan think airgel composite products for the future the prospect does not have such an optimistic attitude, she said: \”I think some research on the scientific basis of the current market and insufficient, because the economic benefits are not a simple mathematical formula to analyze its market, considering the cost estimates , technical barriers, and many other things. In the case of airgel composite article has not been a breakthrough technology, gives people a scene of prosperity is likely to cause cognitive deficits of its business, producing shoddy results, which airgel product development adversely. \”Hu Xiaoyuan think airgel composite products development process is multifaceted efforts. From the policy guidance, standards guidance, to guide public opinion, and many other associations to guide the work to start, but also do a good job market development. First of all aspects from policy guide, while the introduction of standards in the market first because standards lag is likely to go after a market in turmoil again detours governance, which is bound to a waste of resources costs, energy costs, corporate financing costs and social costs, etc. at the same time prior to the development of the industry to grow and construction specifications, acceptance and so to a large extent be able to avoid some lack of social responsibility of enterprises will disrupt the market, causing social misunderstanding of this new product. \”airgel composite article is a high-tech, high capital investment, there are technical threshold of products, not just any companies are able to produce. Industry to foster large-scale enterprises in the market-led, no R & D and technical support team is unable to make the business sustainable development. \”Hu Xiaoyuan that\” the development of airgel composite article to a combination of research, to become a complete industrial chain, related to media campaigns, technical support, personnel, financial strength, investment in research, standards development, policy guidance, regulate the introduction, market development and other aspects of the content. Therefore, initiated by the Beijing Construction Engineering led the Chinese green building materials industry alliance to promote innovative applications of airgel center to be responsible for driving this thing is very appropriate. \”