I heard that people learn better polymer is also delicious cold noodle doing? Yes, that\’s right!

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) during the epidemic, respond positively to the initiative of the masses of the country, to be at home, to reduce all unnecessary external out to reduce risk of virus infection. Finally to stay home honestly think that you can contribute to the society of the time, but it is also a lot of cute little crazy love life and socializing. In this ever-automatic renewals of long holidays, stocking a variety of dried fruit, Layu bacon, homemade fried dishes eclipsed in ten consecutive days do not go out at home. Night long dream may not be much, but want to eat a certain number. The face of \”beyond the reach\” of food, a lot of people\’s culinary potential was fully excited. 听说高分子学得好的人凉皮做得也好吃? 是的没错! Recently a lot of people in my circle of friends are drying out their results, in which the \”Red Network\” Cold favored. Well, such a simple snack, is how to make it? There are a lot of variety of recipes, we wanted to come here to chat with the principle behind the recipes, delicious born.


The core material is produced Cold flour. Is a flour of wheat ground into powder, the main ingredient is starch and protein. Flour proteins are gluten, which is mainly composed of gliadin and glutenin . 听说高分子学得好的人凉皮做得也好吃? 是的没错! according to the level of the protein content of flour can be divided into High gluten flour, flour, flour and non-flour . During the Cold production, the recommended high-gluten flour, making Liangpi more chewiness, just below Xiaobian to understand about it!

face and

According to the water temperature, and the face surface is divided into cold and warm water, and surface water and the surface, and each side face different method of kneading formed. The production of Cold, we use the plane and the cold water Method . does not cause expansion cold denaturation and starch gelatinization protein flour. Process and the face, the gliadin and glutenin gradually swelling, bonded each other to form a continuous film-like substrates cross each other, forming a three-dimensional shape and having a certain flexibility, extensibility, sticky and plasticity gluten network structure, and the loose starch uniformly fine envelope . So firm dough is formed, toughness, big tension.听说高分子学得好的人凉皮做得也好吃? 是的没错! and the hot water into the dough due to the high temperature, heat denatured protein , gluten is damaged, resulting in reduced hydrophilicity of starch by heat fusion with plenty of water, expands to form a paste, the viscosity enhancing can make dumpling, dumpling and other food, but not for the production Liangpi.

táng surface

and the well after several tens of minutes the dough needs Xing, because rubbing surface and an external force so that when the in the gluten protein molecules are in a state of entanglement like , molecular structure there is a large internal stress, so that the protein molecules in the space shrinks so, then such rough dough and gluten reduced. After the effect of plane is to make táng surface and protein molecules in the dough is fully relaxed and reconstruction, so to restore the spatial configuration of the protein, but also to eliminate stress . 听说高分子学得好的人凉皮做得也好吃? 是的没错! By táng surface, the dough is twisted by an external force to give a network structure remodeling, re-stretch the dough proteins and to restore proper spatial configuration. As a result, Xing had to face will be more chewy and soft.


Next is a face wash. The wash process is actually a protein gel structure of the dough (gluten) and loose starch (batter) separation process. Gluten network structure is formed when the face is actually a Colloidal protein . polymer organic compound is a protein, easy to form fine particles range in size from the 1-100nm, particle sizes in this range in the solution constitutes colloid. 听说高分子学得好的人凉皮做得也好吃? 是的没错! Life everywhere colloids, such as: cloud, mist aerosol, colored glass, a sol is a solid crystal, soil particles are colloidal, protein solution, starch solution is a sol solution, a starch gel, a colloidal protein molecular colloid. Blue skies, light the night lights, the forest foliage pouring under the sun …… these are inseparable from colloids. Protein colloid has been able to stabilize, it depends on two important factors. >>>> hydration layer Many such as -NH3 +, surface protein particles with – COO -, – OH, -SH, -CO-NH, etc. The hydrophilic polar group [123 ], and therefore prone to water cooperationWith such surface protein particles form a thick hydrated layer; >>>> the same charge In addition to the net charge of the protein molecules in solution at isoelectric point zero, the non when the state of the isoelectric point, the protein particles with the same charge, counterion around constitutes a stable electrical double layer. Thus, a more stable colloidal structures, easily be destroyed during the wash, and the external force, gluten network originally wrapped loose starch from the gluten network of the adsorption, the elution was changed to water. Then by standing for several hours, the starch will settle to the bottom.

batter was distilled The final step to the production Liangpi, the surface paste We actually filtered and eluted through a colloid starch. Paste is a starch solution surface, belonging to a colloidal dispersion. We steamed batter to produce Liang Pi, in fact, it is the use of

the nature of colloid coagulation of . The reason why the colloidal stability, because the internal rubber with the same charge repel each other, between colloidal particles random Brownian motion also makes colloidal stability of the entire system. Therefore, to make the colloid coagulation, breaking the colloidal stability, we need to neutralize the charge of colloidal particles or accelerate their thermal motion of colloidal particles to increase binding chance colloidal particles. Steaming batter, it is accelerated in the thermal motion of starch colloid micelles . After colloid is heated, the energy rises, rubber motion increases the chance of a collision between colloidal particles increased, the rubber check ion adsorption weakened, that is a stabilizing factor in weakening colloid, resulting in colloid aggregation. This principle has also been other food applications, such as Kudzu powder is also reconstituted using the heating colloid aggregation, cold into a translucent principle. understanding of the physics and chemistry knowledge so many cool skin behind, did you want to start trying to do it yourself a homemade Liangpi it? Whether enjoying Cold or hot pot, barbecue, crayfish, tea, powder snail food, or bring the family, about the friends go out for a walk, which will eventually come true. This winter will be gone and hope to the party more than the spring, after the outbreak of peace as well as you.