Imitation far the fastest cheetah robot software

Soft robots are usually manufactured by Softer than human muscle is made of soft material to mimic the movement of various mollusks in nature by controlling the deformation of its soft body, such as caterpillars, snakes, fish and jellyfish. And compared to the rigid robots, soft robots in terms of flexibility, flexibility, and security, and so it has advantages. At the same time, however, the flexible material also brings some natural defects, such as slow response and force and small, so most of the soft-robot moving more slowly, ranging from 0.02 to 0.8 per length (length of the body itself). Nature snail crawling speed of 0.1-0.2 per second length, and cheetah speed of 16 per second in length. How to make high-speed soft robot can run up to become a problem to be solved. Recently, Professor Zhao Jianguo (NCSU) and Professor Yin Jie team at Colorado State University (CSU) and North Carolina State University, Professor Su Hao City University of New York (CCNY) team, by quickly jump between the clever use of bistable (snap-through bistability), to achieve a soft robot can run fast like a cheetah Pentium (7 cm long body weight about 50 g), and the speed of up to 2.7 per length (187.5mm / s). Meanwhile, the bistable mechanism has many uses, both underwater swimming fast soft robot speed of 0.8 per second length (117mm / s); and can be used to adjust the grip of the robot gripper soft (crawls fragile raw eggs can also lift dumbbells weighing 10 kilograms). Beijing time on May 9 2020, thesis \” Leveraging elastic instabilities for amplified performance: Spine-inspired high-speed and high-force soft robots \” was published in [123 ] Science Advances on.

Cat flexible back inspired Cat\’s back is flexible and elastic, to control the rapid back and bending elongation by pulling back muscles, to achieve high-speed running (Figure 1a). Inspired by the research team designRobot soft flexible back (FIG. 1b), of a soft deformable back \”body\” – driven – soft pneumatic drive. The drive has two layers airway, it can bend in the bidirectional pneumatic compression, thereby driving down the back bending. In order to achieve rapid movement of the back, back to the research team fitted with a \”muscle\” – pretensioning spring (FIG. IB) – store energy, it turned into a bistable mechanism (FIG. 1c): bent back or up Representative downturned two stable states; back when straightened, is unstable state. When the swing \”body\” back and forth, the energy \”muscle\” to the storage and quick release, flexible jumps back and forth between the bi-stable, enabling rapid movement similar to the cheetah\’s back. LEAP team named this robot is a high-performance soft robot.

仿猎豹迄今速度最快软体机器人 Figure 1: (a) a flexible soft robot simulation cheetahs back bent back and extends high-speed movement. (B) bistable soft robot design. (C) energy bistable FIG.
Study Team bistable display mechanism allows a soft robot as cheetah LEAP (FIG. 2A), run up quickly, the speed of up to 2.5 per second length (174mm / s) (FIG. 2B), the speed than the fastest current soft robots reported about 3 times (Fig. 2c) fast. Compared with the traditional soft monostable affixed crawling robot, a bistable display mechanism having a team the following unique advantages:
    faster (shorter response times to 20 times, the kick time of about 50 milliseconds, the movement speed 2-fold (FIG. 2b))

  • more (3 times the power output, can climb (FIG. 2d) and the like).

仿猎豹迄今速度最快软体机器人 FIG. 2: (a) attitude similar cheetahs Pentium (b) without back monostable flip-back soft soft robot with a robot (the LEAP) speed comparison (c) LEAP soft robot and the robot and a variety of animal body weight comparison chart speed. (D) LEAP soft climbing robot
仿猎豹迄今速度最快软体机器人 Video 1: monostable flip-contrast soft instantaneous speed of the robot: a bistable back (on), no back ( ), the monostable back (lower)
仿猎豹迄今速度最快软体机器人 Video 2: Pentium slow motion (slow eight times)

LEAP more occasions, high-performance soft robotic applications

the LEAP team demonstrated the robot can also achieve rapid movement underwater and grab ramp stiffness of the manipulator.

仿猎豹迄今速度最快软体机器人 FIG. 3. (a) a schematic LEAP soft underwater robot. Comparison of (b) and the monostable flip-soft robot speed. (C) LEAP soft underwater robots and other soft reported underwater robot speed driving frequency comparison. (D) an adjustable grip robot

: as to the installation of a driver behind the soft flexible tail, by swing around the body, can be simulated fish swimming (FIG. 3a-3b). Previous studies have shown that the higher the drive frequency, soft robot swimming faster, at a drive frequency of 5Hz, the fastest speeds of up to 0.7 length / sec (Fig. 3c). The study showed that even at the low-frequency driver (such as about 1.3Hz), fast jumps that its speed can be as high bistable between 0.78 second length (FIG. 3c). variable stiffness gripper robot : The real-time adjustment of the tension spring, the stiffness of the robot may be changed. Based on this, the team demonstrated the grip can be changed in real-time robot. Robot gripping either frangible eggs, and can crawl irregular shape of the coil, mineral water, and direct gripping dumbbells (FIG. 3d). outlook

The working principle of the use of instability to speed up the response of soft material, in theory, the principle can be generalized to other bistable andMultistable means soft, and smaller dimensions and an active material such as liquid crystal drive elastomer, a hydrogel, a shape memory polymer and a dielectric elastomer. The driving principle is not limited to pneumatic or hydraulic, can be extended to respective external stimuli such as temperature, pH, light, electric field and a magnetic field and other independent software robot.