In hybrid red phosphorus flame retardant prepared graphene isocyanate groups polyimide (PI) foam

High-performance flame-retardant material is important to control the fire. However, the conventional flame retardant has toxicity, and lack the mechanical properties meet modern applications. Technical Institute of Physics researcher Geng new team, with red phosphorus flame retardant graphene hybrid, the preparation is excellent in flame retardancy, while having an isocyanate lightweight properties and high mechanical strength yl polyimide (PI) foam, as shown in FIG. 以红磷杂化石墨烯为阻燃剂制备异氰酸酯基聚酰亚胺(PI)泡沫 covalent bond between graphene sheets and PI matrix provides a high Young\’s modulus (83 kNm kg-1) for the polymer foam, this value is equal to or higher than the current highest level of material (including dioxide aerogels, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, etc.). Adding a small amount of red phosphorus flame retardant graphene hybrid (2.2 wt%) the polymer foam can reach higher than the flame-retardant polymeric material is generally the limiting oxygen index: Limiting oxygen index of flame retardant material is typically a polymer 20-30, the polymeric foam is 39.4. Further, the polymer foam further having insulation and air comparable. Thanks to the above excellent properties of red phosphorus nanographene sheet surface dispersed, and covalent bonds between graphene sheets are connected with the polymer matrix. It is worth noting, red phosphorus hybrid graphene is prepared by ball milling step, 100% yield, no organic solvents, no waste is generated. Materials and techniques used in preparing the above polymer foam industry has employed compatibility, therefore, the flame-retardant polymer foams prepared in industrial scale can be achieved. The research results \”Lightweight and Ultrastrong Polymer Foams with Unusually Superior FlameRetardancy\” was published in the ACS Appl.Mater.Interfaces (2017,9,26392; DOI: 10.1021 / acsami.7b06282), and has made two patents. The research is part of a study Geng new team of researchers in the field of high performance PI foam, preliminary study, published in Chem.Mater on (2015,27,4358; DOI: 10.1021 / acs.chemmater.5b00981).. Above research results of high performance flame-retardant polymer foam preparation, the graphene high polymer composite materialEfficient use of the foundation.