In the end the spread of the virus is an airgel or aerosol transmission of the virus?

In the end the spread of the virus is an airgel or aerosol transmission of the virus? Recently, many friends have been cheated others, have been saying that the spread of the virus aerogels , is not really, aerogels and aerosols are two concepts . Aerosol spread of the virus, not the airgel. Aerogels is a nano-sponge-like solid material, having excellent thermal insulation, fire green, noise reduction, damping energy absorption characteristics and the like, have been used in aerospace, defense industry, energy saving, transport energy, industrial pipes, outdoor protection and other fields. can take a look at the company to write this article: Aerogels and aerosols the development of new crown pneumonia virus epidemic and how, always affects everyone\’s heart. At 14:00 on February 8, at the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control work leading group press conference, deputy director of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau has introduced group: health and epidemic prevention experts stressed that the new crown pneumonia can now determine the route of transmission is predominantly direct transmission, aerosol dissemination and contact. When they heard aerosol spread (not the airgel spread) the word, estimated that many people are quite confused, what is the aerosol spread, it has what features, how do we protect it? Today and share with you! 到底是气凝胶传播病毒还是气溶胶传播病毒? First of all we think about, have had this experience, we are in a less circulation space, such as elevators, corridors, indoor and so on, no one when it comes to smell smoke, when you see somewhere on fire, burning vegetation or land there, very far away we could smell, which indicates that the air retained a lot of tiny particles, the smaller the particle, the more obvious effect sticky air. micron-sized particles in the air such as sesame sprinkled honey, hardly sink. This is why people who smoke may have already disappeared, but also a long aftertaste lingers reasons. Such a stable liquid suspension or solid dispersion of small particles, called aerosols in the gas. emphasized aerosol spread, that is, if contact with infected persons and, on the new crown virus droplets suspended in the air, and moves driven by air turbulence, in the droplet nuclei have coronavirus protective protein shell membrane, may remain active for a long time. If inhaled person, it may lead to novel coronavirus infection. These days I read the news that there are some low quality people, other people will face breath, Cough, or in public areas such as the elevator, the door handle of the estimated position spat, this is very dangerous. As well as news reports that some people do not wear masks jolly was diagnosed with the infection, because the virus can survive in the air, wearing a mask is still very important. lightweight aerosol particles, mainly in the high altitude, they wind drift away, it is unlikely to respiration of a person. Furthermore, the aerosol particles to a large surface area, have a charge, the virus is easily broken, viability is not high. So, for most of the affected areas are not ordinary people, in real life, only to reach a high magnitude threshold, part of the virus to enter the body by the mucous membrane. while hovering in the laundry, the virus through the skin in the form of an aerosol, compared to only an insignificant portion of the touch by hand into the eye and nose. Such amount of virus, the likelihood of causing disease is not high. Sichuan University professor Li Houqiang said aerosol particles due to the general typically greater than 10 microns, up to 50 microns or more, surgical masks can generally barrier.

The rest of us how to effectively quarantine it, to do these points:

1 To cancel all social activities gathered: No dinner with friends and family activities. 到底是气凝胶传播病毒还是气溶胶传播病毒? 2 holding indoor air circulation, but do not use high velocity fan ventilation equipment, in order to avoid turbulence, so that the already settled particles to re-suspension;. Day window two or more times, every half hour. 3. 75% ethanol or chlorine disinfectant wipe disinfection of key parts of the door handle, tables, chairs, and the like toilet seat; 4 after eating it with flowing water, soap to wash their hands or a hand sanitizer, with a tissue when coughing or sneezing elbows bent to cover the nose and mouth;. 到底是气凝胶传播病毒还是气溶胶传播病毒? 5 to wear masks, avoid contact with suspicious symptoms bodily secretions, do not share personal supplies; at dinner, chopsticks dining, fast food, less talk and communicate with each other should not be close, avoid shaking hands and hugging, hand smile say etiquette; 6 require home isolation, observation, should be with his family points shelter living, limited conditions, to rooms housing, single room isolation, all family members roommate living should bring masks ;. 7, such as fever, cough and other symptoms, should consciously avoid contact with others as soon as possible to the nearest fever clinic after wearing face masks, fully cooperate with treatment.Finally, please remember, spread of the virus is an aerosol, not the airgel. Note: February 5, national medical panel members Li Xingwang explained that this was at the press conference, aerosol spread is seen in respiratory infectious diseases, but for the novel coronavirus, it is not clear there is no case of aerosol transmission. February 8, according to \”Nanfang Dushi Bao\” reported: Feng Zhao recorded a respiratory infection control director at the Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and China to its correspondent explained, \”is currently aerosol spread, especially widespread, yet to be confirmed.\”