Inspired by cobwebs China HKUST developed super-elastic hard carbon airgel

According to the China division high official network news, recently, led by Professor Yushu Hong of China University of Science and Technology Task Force has both inspired by nature spider web of high strength and elasticity, build nano-fiber network structure by clever template method, a series of nano-fiber network structure preparation the hard carbon aerogels . The series superelastic airgel, fatigue resistance and good stability. Research paper recently published in the \”Advanced Materials\” and was chosen to be the back cover of the paper. Co-first author of the paper for the school post-doctoral and doctoral students Yu Zhilong QIN Bing. The study can be extended to the preparation of other non-carbon-based composite nanofiber airgel, by providing a new way to design the microstructure of the nanofibers converted into an elastic or flexible material, a rigid material for the future. The study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of Innovative Research Groups, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, cutting-edge science research projects Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of nano-science innovation center of excellence, Suzhou Nanotech center of collaborative innovation.