Insulation and insulation – New airgel beyond your imagination

Nanyang Technological University have developed a new material, compared to the use of insulating materials currently on the market and soundproofing material , this new material can achieve greater results. 绝缘又隔热——超出你想象的新型气凝胶 capable of insulation or insulation material on the market is not uncommon, and the Nanyang Technological University researchers have developed a new performance far better than existing products Aerogels insulating material. The main component is an airgel – lightweight airgel is a silica-based material, due to the presence of large number of micropores so that the airgel material containing 99% of the air. Because it is very fragile, before the airgel are not as insulating material. However, after adding some additives, airgel not only greatly increased strength also got some special properties. Wherein the additive is carbon nanotubes, it is not only changed, but also the structure of the airgel airgel having a high water repellency, so as to water absorption of less than 10%. The insulating effect of the material is 2.6 times that of conventional insulating material, while 30% of its insulation effect is also higher than conventional materials (conventional sound insulation material is only 50%, the new airgel up to 80%). Even for those good insulating effect of new materials, aerogels also have a thinner advantage. To reduce the noise of a truck that does not affect people chat level, we need 25mm thick foam insulation, but if it is a new airgel material, it would need only 15mm thick. 绝缘又隔热——超出你想象的新型气凝胶 In the experiment, the researchers placed airgel minutes at 2000 degrees Celsius burner, the temperature of the back has been maintained at around 25 degrees Celsius. There is no doubt that the traditional insulation or soundproofing material certainly can not achieve such results. It is also an environmentally friendly material, without heat treatment, will not use any hazardous materials. Their production requires only water and does not generate any gas. The material is made from Nanyang Technological University Associate Professor Sunil College of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and his doctoral student Mahesh being developed. They committed to the development of this material has been four years and licensed to local Bronx Creative Design Center (Bronx Creative & Design Centre) production in May this year. This material is known as fumed silica is expected to put into production a lot in the first half of next year.