It has excellent thermal insulation properties of airgel filled with bricks

According to foreign media reports, the recent Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research Institute (EMPA) scientists developed the use of a Aerogels , to create what they call a brick with the best insulation insulation properties. Aerogels are nanoporous structure of new materials, the liquid component is replaced with a gel made of manufacturing material gas. In addition to the extremely lightweight, they have very good thermal insulation performance, leading for jackets and other products. Empa\’s research, chief scientist Jannis Wernery and his team developed a paste comprising one of airgel particles, can easily be filled in hollow clay bricks in general. Perlite same structure and thickness of the padding far less than the performance of the insulation bricks so-called \”air brick\” comparison. In order to provide the same insulating value \”air brick\”, the thickness of the wall made of bricks perlite would require an increase of about 35%. More \”air brick\” and ordinary bricks, the heat difference is more obvious. The Empa say, this means to match the thickness of only 20 cm (7.9 inches) \”air insulated wall\” insulation value, a wall made of non-insulating bricks will almost 2 m thick (6.6 ft) . However, this use of airgel bricks is currently quite expensive – Wernery believes that the use of such airgel manufacturing one square meter wall will produce additional costs approximately 500 Swiss francs (about 3358 yuan) of. Nevertheless, he hoped that with the decline in the price of progress and airgel technology, this will be the practical brick building materials.