Japan developed a new mask material: 100 times stronger effect than the N95 wash unabated

Beijing time on May 17 message, from the Tokyo Institute of Technology spin-off startup Zetta, developed a nanofiber nonwoven material, even after use hand wash detergent 100 times, protection is not affected, the company We are planning to use this material production masks.

日本研发出口罩新材料:比N95更强 洗100次效果不减
Z-Mask mask to filter particles less than 0.1 microns, less than N95 masks 0.3 m

Zetta production and sales can be added to \”filter\” the cloth masks, it will also work with one vendor, production-oriented health care, protection masks higher. Zetta involved in a Japanese government plans to provide the necessary supplies to protect health care workers and other new crown vulnerable populations. The commercial production of Zetta nanofiber nonwoven fabric which is referred to as the Z-Mask. N95 mask to filter air at least 95% of suspended particles, particles as small as 0.3 micron guard, the diameter of the fiber material N95 masks between 3 to 5 microns. Z-Mask fiber diameter of from 0.08 to 0.4 microns (millionths of a meter), less than one-tenth of N95 mask material fibers. Using interaction force between molecules include molecules, including gravity, Z-Mask prevents particles less than 0.1 micron, such as new viruses crown. In experiments conducted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of the Japanese government, Z-Mask can block nearly 100% the size of the crown with the new virus considerable microns. N95 masks are usually using electrostatic attraction on the fiber particles, after several hours of continuous wear, under the influence of moisture exhaled by the wearer, N95 masks protective capacity will decline. Under normal circumstances, the medical staff must be changed daily number of N95 masks, N95 masks and this is a reason for the tight supply. According Zetta that due to Z-Mask viral barrier by molecular attraction, and therefore, unless the fiber breaks, does not decrease its protective ability. Zetta conducted test, even after the use of hand cleaner 100, Z-Mask protective ability is not affected. Zetta said, Z-Mask can \”catch\” a virus particle, so washing does not clear the virus on the masks, but masks the virus does not infect humans, and death within days. Using a non-woven fabric is generally called a process for producing meltblown process, but this processMicrofiber is not conducive to mass production, Zetta production process has been transformed. Zetta equipment production rate of less than 0.4 micrometer fiber diameter is more than 100 times that of a conventional meltblowing. Zetta early this month plans to begin selling masks for normal \”filter.\” Zetta \”filter\” in the online price will be about 2500 yen (US $ 23), at present, it is located in Matsuyama plant capable of producing 1.6 million per month filter. Zetta plan paid transfer of production equipment and technology to other companies. Zetta also plans to sell to the Japanese fiber Z-Mask respirator manufacturers for the production of medical masks reusable.