Japan made the versatility super flexible airgel material

Japanese research team recently published papers show a super-flexible airgel method, having extremely excellent flexibility can be bent, curled, shape, cut to the desired principle of folding and preparation materials as shown below, is first silicone polyvinylpolydimethylsiloxane (PVPDMS) free-radical polymerization of a monomer, and then self-crosslinking polymer to give a network structure, and then airgel material is obtained by atmospheric drying method. 日本造出多功能性超柔性气凝胶材料 To improve the performance, the above researchers based methods, / polyvinylpolymethylsiloxane (PVPMS) more excellent performance is obtained by copolymerizing airgel material PVPDMS, as shown 日本造出多功能性超柔性气凝胶材料 The resulting material has versatility, such as high performance of a heat insulating material, further efficiency may be used as the superabsorbent material, as oil-water separating materials, can efficiently absorb the mineral oil, kerosene, toluene, acetone, cyclohexane, etc., but does not absorb water (superhydrophobic), and may be repeated if a sponge-like use. When this was added airgel material graphene sheet may have conductivity, it is expected since the flexible wearable electronic device or apparatus. It is understood the material production cost is not high. 日本造出多功能性超柔性气凝胶材料