Japanese ice build date lightest lightweight porous structure similar to an airgel

According to the \”New Scientist\” magazine website recently reported that Japanese scientists through a computer simulation, found a variety of new ice structure 300, similar porous lightweight Aerogels , spatial mesh structure filled with gas molecules, and look as a solid, and so far found minimum density (i.e., lightest) a solid water structure, these studies reveal new structure contributes to the properties of water molecules at low temperatures and pressures and other extreme environments. It is generally believed that the ice is made of water cooled solid crystals, hexagonal lattice structure. But in fact, not all are of this hexagonal structure of ice, scientists have verified the existence of 17 kinds of ice from the experimental structure, which is different from the conventional ice structure is generally present in extrasolar planets, or exoplanets atmosphere. Water molecules when compressed, formed ice will be greater at higher than atmospheric pressure than conventional ice density; and when the air pressure is very low, water molecules become similar to cotton candy, filled with gas, a lower density crystal structure. Ice has been found that both low-density structure: 80% of the density of conventional ice cubes shaped fullerenes in space, as well as the structure of the zeolite zeolite ore ice, water molecules within its modules like Lego tower as a density of conventional 50% to 90% ice. Published in the latest issue of \”Journal of Chemical Physics,\” the research paper said Japan\’s Okayama University scientists Matsumoto and (phonetic) and colleagues used a computer model of a similar molecular building blocks of the game, we discovered the first 18 kinds of ice may exist structure. They zeolite-based ice, like playing building blocks, will remove some of the ice structure of the zeolite, and other structures into modules, thereby getting light allowed. They simulate the final density of less than 300 kinds of nano ice structure, and found that these structures and at low pressure near absolute zero (-273.15 ℃) condition remains stable. Matsumoto said they simulated the molecular building blocks, has so far set up a minimum density airgel-like ice structure, since this structure can only be stable under extreme conditions such as low temperature and pressure, extremely difficult to synthesize in the real world. He said: \”However, our study depicts a blueprint for the low density of ice, the next step is how to synthesize these amazing structures in the laboratory, reveal the mystery of the nature of the water molecules in outer space.\”