Jia Nami silver film airgel thermal woven material

Application Publication Number: CN109397773A Application Publication date: 2019.03.01 application number: 2018114866864 filed: 2018.12.06 Applicant: Ren car Abstract: The present invention is a woven silver film Jia Nami Aerogels thermal materials, comprising a surface layer, an intermediate layer and the inner layer: surface nano airgel material, the intermediate layer is a woven aluminum foil, an inner layer of a far-infrared magnetic knitted fabrics; surface, adhesion between the intermediate layer and the inner layer by the insulation glue together. The present invention fully utilizes the far-infrared knitting magnetic material, thermal glue, nano airgel material, an aluminum foil of several woven material superior performance in terms of cold and heat; knitted fabrics far infrared magnetic can promote blood circulation, warming generate micro, under low temperature conditions, the anti-radiation foil woven cloth, to maintain body temperature equilibrium; airgel material can be isolated nano air, outside the body with alternating hot and cold air does not occur, effectively protect the human body temperature equilibrium. Weatherization materials of the present invention, the product can be widely used in clothing and shoes, particularly suitable for group work long hours at very low temperature conditions Traffic Police, border police, army and so on.