Jiaxing involving low-temperature vacuum, insulation materials and other projects signed in the civil-military integration industry development conference

Recently, Zhejiang Province, the third civil-military integration industry development conference held in Jiaxing. At the meeting, dozens of Academia Sinica and the military central enterprises were signed with a number of units in our province or corporate site strategic cooperation framework agreement, which involves Jiaxing has 10 projects mainly related to low-temperature vacuum, big data monitoring, insulation material , in areas such as solar heat. On the signing ceremony, the city Adar pipeline system Co. harvest three packs, and aerospace five branches (China Academy of Space Technology) belongs to the three were signed strategic cooperation framework agreement, namely the wisdom of LNG gas station plus liquid robot project, the wisdom of the whole LNG chain LNG storage tanks and big data platform / gas station safety performance monitoring and things BOG energy-efficient low temperature recovery system. According to general manager of the company\’s equipment division Guo Jun introduction, LNG dosing robot is to work before the workers with machines instead. LNG industry chain Big Data platform series from the LNG upstream and downstream industries, play a major role in security monitoring, by running big data analytics to understand the state of gas stations, reduce accidents, after the completion of the platform in the future, but also extends to other applications , such as providing a basis for government decision-making. BOG energy efficient recovery systems can solve the cryogenic LNG chain pain points diverging normal temperature and easy to achieve recycling, reducing volatilization loss. \”These projects which we have developed over many key technologies, such as big data, cloud platform, intelligent robot, earth integrated remote sensing, which is the strength of the five branches of the integration of these technologies to our research and development of several projects which are sub after a magnificent turn up five branches in hand. \”Guo Jun said, precisely because of the five branches of the aerospace solid technical backing, Adar will go further in the industry. In addition to the company Adar, Baowenrongqi Pinghu Monica Chen Qian Industrial Co., Ltd. and Space Technology Laboratory on Aerogels insulation materials application project signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Qian Space Technology Laboratory is China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation\’s innovative full-time \”special zone\”, many of its technology has been applied in the field of aerospace. Mika Baowenrongqi is a company with 40 years of industry experience, high-quality \”Gabriel\” brand thermos is the Great Hall of the \”regulars.\” The two sides hope to cooperate for space suits, airgel insulation material on the spacecraft used in thermos flasks. \”This airgel for usThe original theory in terms of technology is pretty big upgrade, we now use the soft foam insulation materials, insulation can only reach six hours, with later airgel could reach 12 hours or 20 hours. \”Minister Yu Xiaodong Management Dept of Mika Baowenrongqi company said. In addition, the city\’s Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang, flying robots Rong institutions and other enterprises were also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the high-quality military enterprises. Space Star Technology Co., letter Engineering Division Jiang Yong minister said: \”Zhejiang has a very powerful new economic vitality, more flexible mechanism than we are, I want to take a break on this mechanism, so that the military aerospace technology 30 years down the reserves are better able to take advantage of the new economic system in Zhejiang flexibility, wings and take off. \”In this signing event, China Academy of Space Technology and Jiaxing Municipal People\’s Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides will establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, promoting the application of space technology key project cooperation, and jointly promote the integration of people Jiaxing Jun industrial development, to achieve the transformation and application of space technology in Jiaxing, efforts to make Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province has become the leading force in the development of aerospace technology industry, to create a model of cooperation between central, local and formation of new economic growth point of space. City Commission by letter Director Zhuo Weiming said the next step will accelerate the process of landing a framework agreement, the implementation of each agreement, making a good platform for operation of the program.