Jinan University Professor Chen Tianfeng team: tumor Hold!

Cancer is one of the devil endanger the health of residents of China. Official journal of the American Cancer Society released the \”2018 Global Cancer Statistics\” shows that Chinese cancer incidence, mortality in the world, the highest incidence rate of lung cancer! Cancer treatment, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the most common means. If the chemotherapy drugs can intelligently find tumors, tumor lit, allow doctors to synchronize the tumor radiation treatment in the case of visible, further, if the chemotherapy drugs can also sensitize radiotherapy, the tumor becomes not only targeted therapy, and but also to do more with less, which is probably the most coveted cancer therapy thing. Recently, Jinan University Professor Chen Tianfeng team design of novel targeted prodrug iridium complexes let us from this dream a step closer. The prodrug iridium complex Ir-NB, can be efficiently targeted to the tumor site, to find tumors , off fluorescence in the acidic environment of the tumor site quencher, the emission of the red phosphor, lit. tumor , in order to serve as a \”image-guided radiation therapy (Imaging-guided radiotherapy)\”. At the same time, Ir-NB iridium as central metal atom of high atomic number (high-Z) element in the X-ray irradiation, since the photoelectric effect / Auger effect, a large amount of reactive oxygen species (of ROS), can be efficiently sensitized radiotherapy, killed cancer . Research on cancer cells and mice showed early, Ir-NB is expected to become a new efficient visualization tumor radiosensitizer. The work in \”Chem. Sci.\” published on, and Chem. Sci. Ranked \”2020 ChemicalScience HOT Article \”, \”2020 Chemical Science [ 123] Pick of the Week Collection \”Science and Chemical outer cover (outside frontcover) articles. RSC British Royal Society of Chemistry \”New & events\” section also to \”Imaging and treating cancer with aniridum-based prodrug \”carried the title of the paper Thematic Review . Jinan University graduate 暨南大学陈填烽教授团队:肿瘤别跑! move Zhen Nan is the first author of this article, Professor Chen Tianfeng and Mary Associate Professor research work funded talents of young people plan project, the national 863 Program, national Technology support Program and the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province and other projects for co-corresponding author of this article . reference:… Z Zhao, P. Gao, L Ma * and T. Chen *, Chem Sci 2020, 11,3780-3789 article link:.. https: //pubs.rsc.org/ en / content / articlelanding / 2020 / sc / d0sc00862a? ref = banner #! divAbstract