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ladybird wings by sophisticated resilin and veins so arranged that a flexible film having both wings of the energy storage and self-locking function. The former makes wings can rapidly within 100 milliseconds, which allows the wings under tremendous aerodynamic forces during flight. When not in use, the film may be tightly folded wings also recovered to below crustaceans. 瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 PNAS , 2017, 114 (22). Compared to the stunning natural structure, traditional mechanical structure is still not organically above properties. extending outer collapsible tubular member (Storable tubular extendible member, STEM) despite good energy storage properties and self-locking, however, it is more difficult to fold flat storage; origami structures (Origami) While providing a compact and lightweight structural design, but the lack of energy storage and self-locking ability. Installation of additional auxiliary member can solve this problem, but need to sacrifice compactness of origami. Root cause of the problem is that the above-described origami traditional origami structures considered in the design of structural motifs of a material of high hardness, which are connected together by flexible joints in order to achieve a low hardness folded. However, high hardness and softness joint primitives folding and storage and stretch characteristics are not provided with self-locking.

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Recently, the Seoul National University (Seoul National University, SNU) of Kyu-Jin Professor Cho research team by ladybug wings inspired design of a polyethylene terephthalate (polyethylene terephthalate, PET) is a bent sheet structural motif, a flexible fabric tear origami structures flexibly connected. PET curved primitives also provide storage and self-locking properties, and is folded flat PET substrate element 116 can be fully deployed within milliseconds, Origami expanded structure can withstand the loads to 150 times its own weight. This design strategy is not an effective solution to the storage origami structure, the inherent problem is not self-locking, hang gliding is scalable and origamiHopping Robots and other applications to provide a broader design space. The works in \”Ladybird beetle-inspired compliant origami\” was published in Science Robotics. Professor Kyu-Jin Cho, Seoul National University is the only corresponding author. look at how cool this Ladybug Robot: ladybug robot was released from the high-altitude, expand their own wings, flight, landing on their own wings folded, crawling 瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 encountered jumping, flying wings open [ 123] 瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 ladybird flexible inspired origami structures

瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 FIG. 1 ladybird inspired origami structure, principle and preparation process
flexible origami inspired ladybird structure and inspiration 1, specific preparation process is as follows: 1) cut by laser cutting the pinhole positioned in the two PET sheet, and coated with a heat activated adhesive side of the fold line is cut; 2) on tearing the fabric cut out by a laser positioning pinhole; 3) and tear fabric superposed PET flakes; 4) good origami structures stacked in a mold; 5) heating and pressurizing the mold to 110 oC, 1 MPa and held for 5 min; 6) was cooled to room temperature and removed; 7) cut outline of the structure. The flexible structure resulting origami folded forward and reverse modes, its peak torque having a folded area of ​​the flexible self-locking structure between origami asymmetry, namely the two peaks, which comes from the energy required to stretch the folding process the flexible element is flattened base stored elastic potential energy.
瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 of design parameters and performance 2 origami configuration of FIG.

The design parameters of the flexible origami structure comprises a sheet width (w), thickness (t) and the curved the radius (r). When designing origami structure, the performance of major concern include structural quality (mass), the maximum deformation (strain), self-locking torque (locking moment) and energy storage (energy). Each setEffects of parameters on the basis of the performance shown in Fig. In order to meet the design requirements, to optimize the thickness, and then based on the required quality and maximum deformation and bending radius of the sheet width adjustment.

瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 FIG. 3 gliding origami-based structure designed retractable
By stacking two flexible origami structures, and adjust the length and relative position, a forward origami structures and a folded back expanded to 6 times the torque difference, thereby realizing easy to fold forward, reverse withstand aerodynamic characteristics. Based on the above principle uniaxial rotary joints and fix the flexible origami structures, may be prepared highly folded (folded size of only 1/8 of the original), movement pattern, self-expanding, lightweight glider. Such gliding assistance is no longer necessary auxiliary member extended or locking wing, thereby effectively reducing the weight and complexity of the structure, to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of the flight.
瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 Figure 4
The articulation of a conventional robot having no fleas storage characteristics based on origami jumping robot design, so when the bounce, is bent joints do not provide a skip energy support. After replacing the structural units

fleas robots constituting a flexible structure origami , origami folded into the sheet structure not only stores energy rubber cord, which structural motifs also store energy, and thus jumping height 50% higher than the traditional flea robots. 瓢虫机器人登上《Science》头条!未来可进行搜索侦查等任务 summary

This paper provides a new structure of origami design ideas, and discuss the relevant principles of mechanics and application scenarios. By changing the shape of the flexible origami motifs, while having a structure that allows origami storage properties and self-locking, thereby reducing dependence on auxiliary structure. However, this article deals only with a curved structure, other possible storage structures remain to be explored further. In addition, in the application process, how to achieve dynamic energy storage and dynamic control release form and structure is still to be solved. Original link