Latest Science: Super ceramic airgel insulation material

Ceramic Aerogels Because of its excellent characteristics of low density and thermal conductivity, chemically and thermally inert, high porosity and a large surface area which is considered a good insulating material. However, these multi ceramic aerogels rigid and brittle, and only a slight elastic deformation before breaking, thus improving the ceramic airgel mechanical and thermal stability has become a major research application further development in the area of ​​insulation. Recently, the University of California, Hui Li and other people and Harbin Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, Huang Yu, Feng co segment inserts have been synthesized boron nitride ultra-light, high mechanical strength and super-insulated three characteristics of (hBNAGs) and silicon carbide ( βSiCAGs) ceramic airgel material. In this study, the design and synthesis of nano-structure ceramic airgel hyperbolic double glass walls, and the linear thermal expansion coefficient (-1.8 × 10-6 having a negative Poisson\’s ratio (-0.25) and negative / ° C). Such ultra-low density airgel up to 0.1 mg / cc, superelastic up to 95%, almost no loss of strength, and thermal vacuum with vigorous shock (275 ° C / sec) or intense thermal stress of 1400 degrees Celsius the ultra low thermal conductivity (~ 2.4 mW / m · K), the thermal conductivity of air (~ 20 mW / m · K). This system is therefore highly strong material for ultra thermal insulation under extreme conditions, for example in the application field of the spacecraft. 最新Science:超级陶瓷气凝胶隔热材料 Ceramic Design and preparation of airgel material first process of manufacturing a graphene airgel as a template, hBN layer is then grown on the template. Finally obtained hBN (2D ceramic) atoms hyperbolic airgel thin wall, which has interconnected atomically thin plane lattice defects formed cellular network. This kind of airgel having a negative Poisson\’s ratio (-0.25) and a negative linear thermal expansion coefficient (-1.8X10-6 per ℃), ultra-high and ultra-low thermal conductivity of the mechanical properties, so that it has good characteristics which in extreme conditions application prospects.