Let airgel insulation panels slimmer five \”zero\” emissions do not pollute the environment

You might think that one day could boost their own new homes about 5% of the room rate! Of course, this is none other than real estate, but because a revolutionary wall of insulation material Aerogels insulating insulation board. Airgel insulation insulation board concern October 22, in the 9th China (Beijing) International building energy and new building materials exhibition, Beijing Construction Engineering New Building Materials Co., Ltd. exhibited the most thin building insulation plate – airgel insulation insulation board attracted many visitors. October 27, the second session of the China Green Building Materials Industry Cooperation Forum conference in green innovative products Suqian City of Jiangsu Province held, released airgel insulation insulation board for participants themselves. Beijing Construction Engineering New Building Materials Co., Ltd. publisher immediately surrounded the venue of many participants together into the \”center\”, organizers of the conference had to be \”call out\” the sidelines. According to reports, this airgel insulation material is an airgel insulation board body. Airgel was first used in aerospace and military industry, is currently being quietly into the civilian market, it has been gradually used in construction, industrial insulation, cold storage, ships and so on. Both insulation and fire airgel insulation is also very thin insulation board is very thin, solid clay brick wall to the requirements of 75% of 240 mm building energy standards, for example, using common insulation material is a 90 mm thick, using an airgel heat insulation plate only 15 mm thick, 80% thinner than the original. It is estimated that if the wall of the house labeled \”space qualified,\” adiabatic insulation board, under the same conditions building area, because light will save space about 5% increase in the room rates. One might worry, so \”thin\” materials can warm it? According to reports, the biggest feature of this material is excellent in insulation properties, because of its low thermal conductivity can be 0.006W / m · k. In the cold northern winter, if an ordinary house insulation materials closed heating equipment, residents need to rely on heavy blankets to keep warm. The house \”through\” this layer of airgel production of \”thermal suit\” on, even if there is no heating facilities, people can still live comfortably. In other words, this layer 15 mm thick aerospace materials generated insulation effect is approximately equal to a weight of 10 pounds of cotton quilt. According to projections, if such materialApplied to a 200-liter refrigerator for home use, not only an increase of about 4 to 6 liters of food storage volume, but also because of its good insulation properties and can be saving about 1/3. According to industry experts, in general, good insulation effect is often not fireproof material, once the house fire, will accelerate the spread of fire. But \”space qualified\” insulation insulation board allows the \”warm\” and \”fire\” this \”enemy\” cleverly \”shake hands\” – because it can not resolve its own characteristics of combustion or fire without insulation or insulation without fire contradictions . Five \”zero\” emissions do not pollute the environment In addition, this material there are many excellent properties, such as water, noise, seismic and other. Waterproof, for example, if the family house with common rockwool as insulation materials, when we encounter a major rainfall, rock wool absorbs water easily because mold, insulation failure, or even fall off, and the use of this space the material is different. Rain drops on this insulation materials, like drops of water on a lotus leaf, only gently fall down, but does not intrude into the insulation material to go. In this way, we no longer have to worry about leaking houses, home of the wall will never become a \”big face\” a heavy rain struck. It is worth mentioning that the airgel insulation insulation board is an environmentally friendly product. \”Space qualified\” adiabatic insulation board in the production process without harmful emissions, no solid waste, no dust, no noise, no five \”zero\” discharge of sewage, does not produce any pollution to the environment.