Light catalyst artificial photosynthesis

Photocatalytic water carbonitride compound capable of modulating the airgel conversion and macrostructures Nanochemistry combination: Chinese scientists reported a carbon nanomaterial macro (visible) synthesized airgel. This is a good catalyst, the water cleavage reaction can be performed under visible light irradiation. The study, published in the journal Journal of Applied Chemistry journal above, the material properties of carbon and nitrogen compounds derived from melamine added a new application opportunities. Melamine and formaldehyde can be polymerized to form a highly durable and lightweight resin, it may be concentrated to the nano structure of a carbonitride. These structures consisting of carbon and nitrogen can be formed by additional features graphene electronically active cellular network and nitrogen combined. Xinchen Wang and his team at Fuzhou University in China is looking for a way to assemble these nano-materials into a stable macro-architecture, has now prepared a high one catalytically active and stable lightweight material that artificial It plays an important role in photosynthesis and provides a very interesting structural and electronic properties. Airgel is a gel, but the composition did not water – 99% of its structure is air. This provides a great degree of porosity of the catalyst over the surface or sensing applications. Since carbonitride compound is a very interesting nanostructures of graphene having characteristics similar but it has a function of nitrogen. So researchers have long been trying to seek this kind of material and would like to introduce them into a macro-controlled assembly. \”Because the CN group is rich in nitrogen, can be predicted to CN assembly may be some interesting behavior, such as biological systems similar protein or polypeptide.\” Authors mentioned in the article. Increasing the surface area and an increase in the number of catalytic sites will make these aerogels become macroscopic materials with high functionality. Scientists colloidal solution of a nanoparticle composition carbonitride compound can be prepared only by the interaction inside the physical nanoparticles. First, it is fixed in the hydrogel, and then freeze-dried by conventional techniques be converted to a stable airgel. \”This approach has several advantages, including the ductility and low cost mass production for consumption.\” Author mentions, in combination with platinum cocatalyst, the hydrogen evolution reaction airgel catalytic effect as a photocatalyst much larger than the catalytic effect of carbonitrides, but under visible light irradiation, when a large amount of carbonitride ineffective, hydrogen peroxide will be fromCleavage of purified water. Therefore, from nanometers to combine chemical and physical properties of macroscopic, they created a new lightweight material has good catalytic effect, which is the use of new materials to build a melamine and promising and promising applications .