Magic airgel material to change the world

According to the British \”Times\” reported on August 19, Aerogels called one of the world\’s lightest solid, but the magic was able to withstand the blast of solid 1000 kg of explosives, but also isolated 1300 degrees Celsius temperature. Scientists are developing a variety of new uses of this material, to be able to help humans to Mars spacesuit super insulation from the next generation of tennis rackets. Scientists believe will change the world of airgel material. The invention is a gambling bet airgel invention accident — 1931 U.S. bet a chemist with colleagues — product moisture ordinary silica profusely, then such carbon dioxide injection gas, thereby producing a dreamy solid. Although airgel is classified as a solid, but 99% of the substance is a gas. Therefore, to the outside world it has been nicknamed a \”frozen smoke,\”. This amazing resistance to high temperature and a solid having a characteristic of absorbing oil, early airgel fragile and expensive, so the lock when the display in the laboratory. Until 10 years ago, NASA began to feel \”kept in purdah did not know\” the material had a strong interest, he began to explore it more substance use: In 1999, NASA used its full of \”starburst\” space detector, then by its very strong adsorption of the catch tail material, results with great success: last year, carrying the tail substance rewarding experience. widely used in the future Aerogels are best insulating material , can be isolated from the extreme temperatures. In 2002, NASA Aspen Aerogels company created to produce a greater tolerance and flexibility of airgel. It is now being used to make a space suit insulation lining to Mars plan for 2018 to prepare humanity. Airgel also environmental protection purposes. Some scientists call it \”best sponge\” because of its numerous small holes on the surface of pollutants in the water absorption is optimal. In daily life, aerogels also have a variety of uses. Dunlop sports equipment company has developed a range of use of airgel materials squash and tennis rackets, it said that this will enhance the batting strength. Airgel is also widely used in building insulation, hiking shoes and other places. In the future, its use will be more extensive. The new airgel magical faces 神奇气凝胶 改变世界的材料