Main characteristics of the airgel insulation materials insulations

airgel insulation mat through a special process is nanometer silica Aerogels with a composite made of a flexible inorganic fiber blanket insulation material. Aerogels are known to the lowest thermal conductivity of solid material, so that its special structure FMA650 low thermal conductivity, waterproof fire, green superior performance, pipeline, device of insulation material having the best choice , revolutionary thermal insulation material. For decades, people have high performance airgel were studied. Airgel insulation performance, although excellent, but because of its brittleness great, not a long time to get practical. 70 years later, the American company Aspen Aerogels has developed a technically and economically viable airgel insulation products. The company uses the unique process aerogels and a carrier (fibrous mat) composite integrally formed sheet-like flexible and durable high performance insulations, and successfully commercialized. Airgel insulation mat insulation materials main characteristics: 1, thermal insulation: long-term use temperature of 650 deg.] C, Insulation Effect of 3 to 5 times conventional materials, energy-efficient. 2, lasting heat: nano unique three dimensional network structure provides superior high-temperature stability, to avoid the traditional materials generated due to a sharp decline in vibration insulating performance stacking and deformation phenomena. 3, the thinner insulation thickness: thickness of only 1/2 to 1/5 of the conventional materials can achieve the same insulation, the heat loss is smaller, a high space utilization. 4, compression, tensile, crack: better flexibility and tensile, compressive strength, can resist the brutal construction, long-term use is not settling, deformation. 5, water resistance: has excellent overall performance of waterproof, water-repellent rate ≥99%, isolation liquid, while allowing water vapor to pass through. 6, seismic noise: while holding the device, you can also play sound absorption, cushioning vibration and other functions, improve environmental quality and protection equipment. 7, safety and environmental protection: does not contain harmful substances can be eluted minimal chloride ion content. 8, ease of construction: light and convenient, easy to cut, the construction of high efficiency, requirements for a variety of complex geometries.