Mars becomes the new planet Mars makeover to achieve it?

In 1971, astronomer Carl? Sagan proposed \”planetary engineering\” Mars Polar water to melt the ice, creating a mild environment. Astrobiologist Chris McKay Iraq as long as there is enough carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water on Mars, it is entirely possible for the transformation of the planet Mars. But according to a new study, the prior art can not transform the Martian environment. 火星变成新地球 火星大改造能实现吗? Mars Earth transformation process Some scientists think Mars the planet of transformation is not a distant dream. If we can make this dream into reality, deathly silence Mars will become a vibrant planet. The so-called transformation of the earth means: the use of carbon dioxide ice in the soil recycling Martian atmosphere. This warming effect of greenhouse gases will change the climate of Mars. As the temperature increases, a large amount of water to melt the ice above and below ground. Eventually, Earth-like air and ocean can breathe on Mars appear. Mars, the planet of transformation is hardly new ideas. As early as 1971, the famous astronomer Carl? Sagan have proposed the concept of \”planetary engineering\” of. Specifically, the Mars Polar water ice is melting, thereby creating a more benign environment. 20 years later, astrobiologist Christopher? Mike Kay refocus the idea that as long as there is enough carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water on Mars, volatile and constantly into the atmosphere, it is entirely possible for the transformation of the planet Mars . But according to a new study, the use of existing technologies simply can not become the Mars planet in the garden. 火星变成新地球 火星大改造能实现吗? through the transformation of the planet Mars This study was conducted by University of Colorado planetary scientist Bruce Alberto Chomsky and Christopher Edwards of the University of Northern Arizona. Alberto Chomsky said: \”We are for the first time Martian carbon dioxide reserves on a reasonable assessment of a large amount of carbon dioxide lost in space, only a small amount of water present in the reserves of the polar ice and carbon-containing minerals shallow, deep carbonate is still unknown. \”even if the water molecules and confined rock carbon dioxide clathrate compound into account, the transformation of the earth that are not meeting the requirements. Alberto Chomsky said: \”Even if all of these injecting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the numbers are not enough to make a substantial warming of Mars.\” 火星变成新地球 火星大改造能实现吗? through the transformation of the planet Mars Earth\’s surface atmospheric pressure is about 1 bar. You need to release large amounts of carbon dioxide on MarsIn order to make the surface temperature reaches above freezing. Even if the air pressure of 250 mbar, is enough to change the climate of Mars to a large extent. The current geological features on Mars and surface morphology explanation, the ancient liquid water once existed on Mars. In other words, Mars once had a high enough temperature and pressure, so that it can retain liquid water. Alberto Chomsky pointed out that if the proportion of carbon dioxide, the Earth and Mars and Venus identical, which means the equivalent of 20 bar of carbon dioxide in the form of carbonate mineralization, frozen in the polar ice. He said: \”Over the past 40 years, the focus has always been the search for Mars exploration carbonate sediments scientists believe that this matter must exist, because the carbon dioxide must hide somewhere to hide if carbon dioxide in the earth\’s crust, if we can get into the sky… and lost in the atmosphere, it is never found anti. \”火星变成新地球 火星大改造能实现吗? concept of art drawing Mars base planted crops Under the new radar data, scientists updated the amount of carbon dioxide in the Martian polar ice caps. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter collected carbonate distribution data. \”Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution of\” probe around Mars since 2014, began to run, to get lost in space to quantify carbon dioxide. If you are a supporter of a transformation of the planet Mars, you must feel very disappointed with the observed data. The polar ice caps make you get about 15 mbar, open-pit mining of carbonate ore can only contribute less than 15 mbar, even deep underground mining, but also up to 150 mbar. Soil carbon dioxide absorbed by the skin it? Even if the Martian soil depth of 100 meters for processing, you can only get 40 mbar. Alberto Chomsky said: \”Let the Martian atmospheric pressure rises above 40 or 50 mbar is almost impossible not enough atmospheric pressure, you can not have a substantial effect on the temperature, even if you can raise the air pressure increased rate two or three times. also not to the extent required substantial warming. \”火星变成新地球 火星大改造能实现吗? manned lunar mission concept art drawing fire Peja Chomsky may be wrong. Earth Transformation pioneers Christopher? Mike Kay believes there is still hope. He said: \”The key to the transformation of the Earth on Mars is CO2, N2 and H2O quantity Unfortunately, this issue has not yet found the exact answer.\” Observations \”Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution of\” carbon dioxide detectors proved only partially escape, but not all. In other words, there may still be a lot of carbon dioxide on Mars. Mike Kay said: \”For MarsThe amount of carbon dioxide underground, we are still uncertain. We do not have accurate data, the need for deep drilling in order to find the exact answer. \”Mars continues to amaze Last week, scientists announced the discovery of a lake of liquid water in the Martian south pole underground current observational data and can not stop the pace of reform advocate of the President of Mars Mars Society,…,\” Went to Mars: the red planet settlement plan \”author Robert Zubrin said Djakovica Chomsky published data do people fall into pessimism, however, does not need Zubrin 1 bar, only 300 millibars, which is the air pressure on Everest, he said:.\” 200 mbar air pressure would mean no need to wear a spacesuit. You can build a domed habitat, the same internal and external pressure. \”火星变成新地球 火星大改造能实现吗? through the transformation of the planet Mars Zubrin Kay and Mike are on the planet Mars transformation have high expectations. Martian soil contains a lot of chlorine skin, you can use these chlorine production of CFCs – a man-made greenhouse gases we can make use of so-called \”super greenhouse gas\” to complete the transformation, but only aware of any manufacture and release, while not destroy the ozone layer of Mars once destroy the ozone layer, ultraviolet radiation and cosmic radiation. together bombing Mars. (If you can think of Mars the planet of transformation, you must also believe that human activities are contributing to climate change, both because the process is the same.) 火星变成新地球 火星大改造能实现吗? \”curiosity\” rover, positive survey of Mars different water on Mars and the Earth, if there is life on Mars, certainly different from life on Earth. Mars to transform life on Earth, although the use of a creation process, but for life on Mars is a local . mieshi Mars is not only a process of transformation of scientific and policy issues, but also an ethical issue you have to transform Mars Peja Chomsky proposed the reasonableness of the planet Mars transformation of the question, he said:?. \”some people think we should look to the earth a backup, the earth once we play bad, you can start the backup system. I think this is no longer tenable. With respect to the transformation of the Martian environment, protect the global environment is obviously much easier. Why do we have to detour, round and easy to ask difficult? \”