Mayor of Yangquan in Shanxi application of special investigations airgel material

May 20, Mayor Lei Jiankun on Aerogels material to conduct special investigations in the building energy application fields. Vice Mayor Li Wenbing, Yangquan Coal chairman Zhai red with research. Airgel as a broad-based applications, strategic new materials, synthetic materials is the world\’s lightest solid material. Airgel materials used in external walls can effectively reduce heating energy consumption, improve the quality of indoor thermal environment and living conditions, improve building quality, have a positive effect on building energy efficiency and reducing consumption. Research, Yang Lei Jiankun hear the new material the company reported airgel material external walls in the application of Yangquan hotel, and the scene to observe self-cleaning, fire protection main building exterior painting conditions and airgel materials. In the meantime, she has carefully reviewed the experimental housing-related test data, and a good understanding of the external walls of the airgel material product research and development, production technology, quality testing and other relevant circumstances. Lei Jiankun fully affirmed the implementation of the application airgel exterior wall materials. She pointed out that, as the representative of airgel is the city\’s new materials industry restructuring and development of one of the four main directions. All relevant departments at all levels should enhance their understanding, a clear development-oriented, and unswervingly fostering the growth of new industries and new materials, to lay a solid foundation for the transformation of the city\’s high-quality development. To strengthen the protection mechanism, establish and improve information exchange, the transformation, service assurance platform and mechanisms, brought together all resources to fully support the new materials industry bigger and stronger. To adhere to innovation lead to further accelerate the popularization and application of technology, continue to extend the industrial chain, and actively create new materials industrial park, efforts to enhance the city\’s transformation and development of the \”gold\”, \”with a new amount,\” \”with the amount of green.\”