Ministry of Education: Teacher salaries of civil servants shall be completed not less than at the end!

May 19, the Ministry of Education held a news conference, describes the 2019 national balanced development of compulsory supervision and evaluation of the situation.

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At the meeting, the Secretary for Education Steering Board Tianzu Yin said, the Ministry of Education on \”compulsory education teachers wages not less than the civil servants\” two bursts of notification , the requirements must be completed before the end of this year objectives and tasks , as a hard task, called on all localities to carry out self-examination, the second half of September 10th months will organize spot checks Governor check. Back in March, the Office of the State Council Steering Committee on Education issued a circular to all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Office of the General Office, to make specific arrangements for the 2020 implementation of compulsory education teachers wages supervision. 教育部:教师工资不低于公务员年底须完成! clear notification, the supervision of the main achievement of compulsory education teachers average salary level not lower than the overall average target local civil servants wage income level around the end of 2020 , the focus over the past three years to study The overall objective of advancing the implementation of the relevant departments to establish long-term mechanism to protect teachers \’salaries compulsory education, the establishment of teachers\’ salaries compulsory content with dynamic adjustment mechanism of local civil servants wages and so on. The news conference clearly a site inspection inspection time , it is obvious that the Ministry of Education to improve the teachers\’ salary determination. In addition to rising wages, as well as the following good news for small partners into the education industry provides support:

1, \”first job, then research\” policy

April 23, seven ministries jointly issued the \”notice\”, for primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, secondary vocational school teacher qualification implement the \”first job, then research\” stage measures . 教育部:教师工资不低于公务员年底须完成! who meet the teacher qualification exam registration conditions and teacher qualification requirements of college graduates on the ideological and political quality, Putonghua, physical condition, etc., we can engage in job-related education and teaching work, and then take the exam and qualified teachers. Employers recruit college graduates in December 31, 2020, shall not acquire the professional qualification as restrictive conditions.The official pointed out that in answering reporters\’ questions in: \”first job, then research\” policy is mainly applied to 2020 session of university graduates, college graduates and 2018,2019 session not yet implemented the workplace . The so-called non-implementation of the work unit, refers to graduation from now, he had not signed labor contracts, non-payment of social security college graduates. If you have to pay social security records, do not meet the qualifications of graduating students. There are already a number of areas clear announcement that this policy response, recommendations in line with the requirements of small partners to seize the time pro forma for teacher recruitment exam once ashore.

2, teacher enrollment

May 6, the Ministry of Education issued 2 020 college graduates employment and entrepreneurship \”Hundred Days sprint\” ten special action . Announced in 2020 to recruit more than 400,000 graduates supplementary schools and kindergartens teachers to further strengthen schools and kindergartens with teachers. 教育部:教师工资不低于公务员年底须完成! In addition, teachers in special post three branch of a help, in the western region and other projects also made the decision to enrollment of .

3 Remarks time advantage

due to the impact of the epidemic, many regions to give up the unified organization of the examination (such as Shandong), and therefore around teacher recruitment, special post selection will be on the wrong teacher exam, three of a help and western plans to hold . Such small partners have ample opportunity to try it want to go their own way! Secondly, type of examination content teachers coincidence a considerable part, potentially reducing the pressure on pro forma recommended small partners to seize the time to review, focus on examination of the message destination, for once ashore! This year\’s epidemic has brought to many uncertainties exam, but also to small partners have been hanging in the heart, and good country introduced a number of policies to promote employment, to protect our lives run smoothly. Many regions issued teacher recruitment exam announcement, recognized around the Teacher also conducted in an orderly, small partners hope to be able to seize the opportunity to learn, eat this wave of employment bonus ah ~ Article link: http: //