\”Nano silver lightweight airgel\” new low density foamed metal

• Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers have developed a new type of low-density foam metal called \”ultra-light airgel nano-silver\”, the minimum density of only 4 times that of air, has excellent mechanical and electronic properties, the development of this material is expected to drive electronics, energy storage, catalyst supports, fuel cells, sensors and medical devices industry progress. Metal foam (also known as the porous metal) with a light weight, high surface area, high conductivity, low thermal conductivity of the new material, which can effectively improve the characteristics of excellent product performance. Conditions required using conventional methods for producing metal foam is very demanding, the need for high temperature and high pressure environment, sometimes need to cut off oxygen, is not conducive to mass production, thus limiting their broader applications. The new \”nano silver lightweight airgel\” is formed by use of aerogels as a raw material of nano silver way of production, avoids these severe constraints. In addition, this silver aerogels also have better mechanical properties and electrical conductivity and density can be adjusted, controlled pore structure and other advantages, make it more attractive for practical applications. “超轻纳米银丝气凝胶”的新型低密度泡沫金属 successfully developed this ultra-light airgel silver from raw materials mainly due to the ability to customize • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in addition to customized such high-quality nano-silver, but also the ability to customize this material They can be prepared a variety of high index material requirements according to different needs to meet the application. Such high porosity aerogels new nano silver and excellent in mechanical / electrical properties expected in the field of fuel cells, energy storage, medical, catalysts, sensors, etc. to obtain a wider range of applications.