\”Nanoporous airgel composite insulation products\” national standards working group held its first meeting

Recently, Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute in Nanjing organized the \”nanopores Aerogels composite insulation products\’ total of twenty research institutes to develop national standards for all members of the project team its first meeting, the Working Group, universities and enterprises attended the meeting. National Standardization Technical Committee chairman insulation material Chen also attended the meeting, read out the insulation standard committee decided on the establishment of a composite nanoporous airgel insulation products working group (SAC / TC 191 / WG7) a. Chen also pointed out that national standards airgel insulation standards committee is one of the recent focus has important significance for improving insulation materials standardization system, hoped that the Working Group could take into account the social and airgel industry, business development needs, quality assurance standards under the premise of timely completion of the standard-setting project. 《纳米孔气凝胶复合绝热制品》国家标准工作组首次会议召开 \”nanoporous airgel composite insulation products\” national standards working group held its first meeting in Nanjing Fiberglass hospital quality inspection center director Wang Jiaqing presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that nanopores composite airgel insulation products is a new insulation material, the short history of the industry, development speed, market and customers on product performance and do not quite understand, the market quite a mixed bag of some products, the urgent need for national standards regulate the industry, so the standards to get the attention of the entire industry; as a post in charge of drafting units, CSG Institute organized the project will start in March, visited a number of enterprises airgel, in-depth understanding of the industry development, organization elite forces for sample collection and verification test work, and wrote the draft standards, criteria for the establishment of working groups, a strong impetus to the progress of the project. In order to better carry out further work, organized the meeting, hoped that the Working Group all units can actively cooperate to ensure the smooth completion of the standard-setting work. Standard project leader, Nanjing Glass Fiber Research and Design Institute of Quality Inspection Center Cuijun describes some verification test results and analysis reports, including an airgel product water absorption at high temperatures can vary and the powder falling to the General Assembly. At the meeting, the participants were experts on the draft standard heated discussion, for the most part reached a consensus standard, and identified the main task of the next phase of work. Finally, the meeting issued a notice verification test tasks, requiring standards development working group to provide samples of each unit according to their own production, and fully carry out the verification test work. Delegates expressed their behalfWilling to fully support the standard verification test and work, hope to complete the standard as soon as possible.