National Standard | \”nanoporous airgel insulation products composite\” number has been issued standards: GB / T 34336-2017

From March 25, 2015, \”nanoporous airgel composite insulation products\” national standards project start will be held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, to July 27, 2015, Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute held a \”nanopore gas organization in Nanjing gel composite insulation products \”national standards project first meeting of the working group, to April 8, 2016, the national standard\” nanoporous airgel insulation products composite \”working group held its second meeting in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province; recently , the national standard \”composite nanoporous airgel insulation products\” standard finally issued, standard No. GB ​​/ T 34336-2017. 国家标准 |《纳米孔气凝胶复合绝热制品》标准号已下达:GB/T 34336-2017 \”nanoporous airgel composite insulation products\” national standards airgel National Organizing Committee of Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute to take charge, Tongji University, National University of Defense Technology and other related scientific research institutes, colleges and universities Ning and Shenzhen technology Co., Ltd., and other famous enterprises representative of the industry in the airgel structure, and with the strong support of the organization\’s China Energy Conservation Association insulation material and the National standardization technical Committee insulation materials. Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Ning as \”nanoporous airgel composite insulation products\” national standards and rationality, the company founder Wang talent as the main drafters involved in the development of this national standard. 国家标准 |《纳米孔气凝胶复合绝热制品》标准号已下达:GB/T 34336-2017 This standard specifies the composite nanoporous airgel insulation products (referred airgel article) The terms and definitions, classification, thermal conductivity index, combustion performance levels, the highest temperature, the effect of water, water absorption change at a high temperature, the powder shedding, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transport and storage content standards. the main basis for national standards is a measure of the quality of product quality, the standard level indicates that the quality of products, there is no high-level standard, there is no high-quality products. Standards can effectively avoid competition, eliminate non-compliant enterprises, improve the competitive threshold. Airgel national standards will help users understand the product performance, screening and selection of qualified high-quality products that help companies improve quality control standards, promoting technological progress and industrialization process materials, airgel ultimately drive the industry healthy and rapid development. 国家标准 |《纳米孔气凝胶复合绝热制品》标准号已下达:GB/T 34336-2017 \”GB\” will lay the foundation for the introduction of performance evaluation of airgel insulation products, provide strong support for the production, sales and research and development work for the strengthening of airgel productsQuality and safety requirements, specification of airgel product markets, protect and promote the sustainable development of airgel industry and promote efficiency and insulation industry to promote the healthy development of airgel insulation products industry plays an important role.