New insulation material: airgel felt Overview and Features Introduction

Aerogels nano-silica airgel mat is a host material, a composite formed by a special process with the pre-oxidized cotton or glass fiber mat a flexible insulation blankets. Which is characterized by low thermal conductivity, tensile and compressive strength of a certain, easy insulation construction applications, is a new type of insulating material . Airgel mat Features: 1, excellent thermal insulation mat airgel insulation effect is 2-5 times the traditional insulation materials, according to the Arrhenius theory experimentally determined life span of 20 years. Almost the same life of the building. 2, to reduce the thickness of insulation layer to obtain the same insulating effect airgel mat, the thickness of only a fraction of one of the traditional materials. After incubation heat loss is small, a high space utilization. And at high temperatures, above the performance advantage is more obvious. 3, water repellency and fire resistance felt absolutely hydrophobic airgel, which can effectively prevent moisture from entering the pipe, the interior equipment. While having a construction fire performance class A1, aerogels and unique three-dimensional network structure to avoid the effect of thermal insulation material other long-term high-temperature sintering deformation in use, decreased sedimentation phenomena. 4, to facilitate the construction airgel mat lightweight, easily cut, sewn to accommodate a variety of different shapes of the pipe, insulation equipment, and less time and labor required for installation. 5, transport cost savings smaller package size and lighter weight can greatly reduce transportation costs of the insulation material. 新型保温材料:气凝胶毡概述及产品特点介绍 airgel mat Overview and Features introduced