New insulation materials – aerogels

Airgel, also known as dry gel. Any substance gel may be referred to as an airgel, as long as they can be dried to remove the solvent and maintain its interior shape substantially unchanged, and the product has a high porosity and low density. Aerogels are low density foam materials known to man-made. In his many outstanding characteristics, thermal people is the most important, and most industrial value. It is called super-insulation material. Aerogels also has gel properties, i.e. expanded, thixotropy and desizing. The main components of this new airgel is a silica glass-like, but because of 99.8% air, its density is only one thousandth of the glass. Airgel is a new field at home and abroad. At present, the domestic market has just started airgel, only a few manufacturers, the main products is still relatively junior, basically produce airgel powder, few companies able to produce composite products. However, in recent years, with the increasing number of domestic enterprises airgel, its strength has increased, costs have been declining, have been expanding. Due to the rapid growth in energy conservation policy and the implementation of China\’s total economic output, airgel industry has entered a rapid development of the channel. Silicon, carbon, sulfur, metal oxides, metal or the like. Aerogels are common aerogels, carbon aerogels but also present. 新型隔热材料-气凝胶

1. Space Applications

  • During the 2018 Mars, astronauts would put on spacesuits made new airgel, the airgel stronger, more flexible. Just add the airgel layer of 18 mm thickness on the suit, which can help withstand the high temperature 1300 ℃ astronauts and the ultra-low temperature of minus 130 ℃.
  • United States, \”Stardust\” spacecraft is using it to collect comet particles in space.

2. The heat insulating material

It has been applied to a solar energy utilization and construction. Radiant heat doped silicon airgel can be further reduced. The main form of application of airgel insulation mat, the airgel plate.

3. The acoustic delay or high temperature insulation material

Due to its low sound velocity, silicon airgel is an ideal high-temperature insulation material or sound insulation material.

4. Ballistic applications

is one of the important uses of novel ballistic aerogels. NASA is testing airgel constructionHouses and military vehicles. According to the test result, if you add a thickness of about 6mm airgel in the metal sheet, even if the direct explosives explosion, the metal sheet is not damaged.

5. important role in environmental protection and chemical industry

environmental protection is also new airgel. Scientists affectionately called airgel as \”super sponge\” that can absorb pollutants in water. The ability to absorb lead and mercury from the water is an excellent material to deal with ecological disaster.