New Material activate new momentum building materials industry

December 23, 2016, the State Council issued \”on the establishment of the country\’s new materials industry development leading group\”, the country\’s new materials industry leading group (hereinafter referred to as the leading group) was formally established. Team leader chaired by Vice Premier Ma Kai. Specific duties is to consider the overall plan to promote industrial development of new materials, an important planning, research co-ordination of major policies, major projects and important work arrangements, coordinate and solve key issues and difficulties, guidance urged all localities and departments to carry out solid work. With the establishment of the leading group, the Ministry drafted the \”New Materials Development Planning Guide\” is about to release new material \”Thirteen Five\” planning has basically ended. There are indications that the new materials industry will usher in an important development opportunity. In recent years, the development of new materials, the emergence of new patterns of change: from an international point of view, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution has become a hotbed of new materials industry, demonstrates the innovative and comprehensive national research and development and application of new materials to some extent on; from a domestic perspective, China\’s economic development depend on factors driving the cost advantage has not much space, and consume a lot of resources into the development environment of the old unsustainable, slowly faded glory of traditional materials, the new material is moving toward center stage. The new \”rising\” and \”innovation\” Regional economic materials play a major role What is new material, what is the new materials industry? \”The new material\” refers to recently developed or are being developed, some of the material superior performance, with more excellent performance than traditional materials. \”The new materials industry,\” including the new materials and related products and technical equipment. Specific include: new materials industry itself formed; new materials technology and equipment manufacturing; technological upgrading of traditional materials industries. Compared with conventional materials, new materials with technology-intensive R & D investment, and high value-added products, is considered to be one of the areas most development potential of this century, most of the layout, good market prospects, is \”higher and more faster, stronger \”representative. Rising and innovation are characteristics of new materials, and new materials industries to which they belong has a high concentration of technology, research and development of high input, high value-added products, strong production and international markets, as well as a wide range of applications, a good development prospects characteristics of its research and development level and industrial scale has become an important symbol to measure a country\’s economic and social development, scientific and technological progress and national defense strength, and countries around the world, especially developed countries have attached great importance to the newDevelop materials industry. Materials industry is the basis for national economic development, new materials and materials industry is the most important new industries. New materials industry overall upgrade, can lay the foundation for the manufacturing sector and the real economy. Therefore, the state attaches great importance to the development of new industrial materials. At the same time, the development of new materials industry has become a major way of practicing supply-side structural reforms. With the pace of development continues to accelerate, the new materials industry output in 2010 increased to 0.65 trillion yuan in 2015, nearly two trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 24%. Spatial layout is becoming more rational, industrial clustering effect continuously enhance the comprehensive advantages of the new materials industry clusters Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions outstanding number of characteristics of the Midwest distinctive new materials industry base to take shape, it has set up a total of Beijing petrochemical new material, Baotou rare earth new materials, new materials and other non-ferrous metals Shaanxi 48 key areas of new materials industry base. The Case of Changzhou, in the recently held \”2016 Changzhou New Material Industry and Finance Forum\”, according to experts participating in the government\’s industrial policy guidelines, Changzhou\’s new materials industry ranked the forefront of the country. The new material is one of the top ten industrial chain focused on creating Changzhou, Changzhou City, new materials enterprises above designated size nearly more than 600 new materials production value of about 166.7 billion, accounting for 34.7% of high-tech industries. Riverside Economic Development Zone in Changzhou City, New Chemical Materials export bases, has initially formed a new technology Yang, Tak energy, Lanxess chemical and other enterprises as the leading new chemical materials industry cluster. Bin open area from industrial atmosphere, industry support, industry support, supporting environmental and policy support five areas to develop new materials industry. \”Heavy\” and \”practical\” application from experimental platform to platform in recent years, new materials industry, the good news of success. Under the relevant national policies to boost companies have increased investment, technological innovation, product innovation, and promote new industries moving to high-end materials. Such as superconducting materials, carbon fiber, graphene, 3D printing materials are not only cutting-edge leap into people\’s vision, more gradually from experimental platform to application platform. May 2016, one of the major domestic manufacturers of carbon fiber precursor, the company re-kiloton carbon fiber Condor T800 raw silk production line, which marks the realization of a complex carbon fiber T800 kiloton industrialization of raw silk for China carbon fiber material to write the history of a splendid touch. In the northeast border, Once upon a time, Heilongjiang ProvinceGraphene products also did not become a pillar industry of economic development, graphene product hardly humble. In recent years, with the rise of new industries, Heilongjiang aimed graphene industry, conducted a series of research and development, and with the resources of Harbin, Jixi, Luobei, Hegang and other cities, to explore from a \”Red Sea\” leap into the \”blue ocean\” new path. Flake graphite about 3000 yuan a ton, and processed into spherical graphite can be sold for 20,000 yuan, processed into cathode material can be sold for more than ten yuan a ton, made slurry can reach 80,000 yuan per ton, if converted into powder, it can reach millions of dollars per ton, become a driving force in Heilongjiang industrial economic development boosters. Zhejiang University developed a solid material called \”all-carbon Aerogels \”, the density of only 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, is the air density of 1/6, become by far \”the world\’s lightest material \”…… but new materials are widely used in the emerging field of new energy vehicles, wearable devices, aerospace and military industry, booming with new areas, new materials industry is expected to benefit and to usher in rapid development. One good news for new materials fade a veil of mystery, to the various fields of application, in this period, enterprises have become a new economic growth point and a source of power conversion platform, new materials, new materials industry is based on these platforms, to create, to become the implementation of the most important innovation-driven development strategy. In addition, the materials industry is in a transition period of development, need a new direction in order to promote the upgrading of key materials. Development of new materials contribute to the sustainable development of industrial materials, to further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of key materials.