New Method for electrolytic oxidation of water to achieve a safe graphene oxide, green, ultrafast prepared

Graphene oxide is an important graphene derivative, as the first major graphene precursor macro preparation, in recent years, due to its many unique graphene differs physicochemical properties and promising applications and more and more people seriously. Because of the large number of oxygen-containing functional groups, graphene oxide having good dispersibility in water, and easy to assemble and functional, it is widely used in the preparation of multi-functional separation, high conductivity high-strength fibers, aerogels, and other lightweight superelastic kinds of functional materials, and show good potential applications in electrochemical energy storage, catalysis, bio-pharmaceuticals, composite materials. Currently, the graphene oxide prepared is carried out primarily by the release of graphite oxide. Graphite oxide prepared so far, 150 years of history, whether it is the oldest method of Brodie (1859), or later developed Staudenmaier and Hummers method, are based on a large number of graphite with concentrated nitric acid, sulfuric acid, potassium permanganate strong oxidants such as reactive compound to achieve, not only there is a risk of explosion, and serious pollution, long reaction period. Hummers to the most commonly used method, for example, concentrated sulfuric acid and an oxidizing agent composed of potassium permanganate, which typically graphite material ratio (mass ratio) was 40: 3: 1 (sulfuric acid: potassium permanganate: graphite), the reaction eventually produces acidic waste water over 1000 mass units. And, Mn2O7 intermediate product having a high activity can explode at elevated temperature, to complete the oxidation reaction takes several hours to hundreds of hours. Recently, the Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Science National Research Center for Advanced Materials Carbon Materials Research Department proposed a new method for electrolytic oxidation of water to break the 150 years of traditional thinking oxidation of graphite by strong oxidants to achieve a graphene oxide safety, green, ultra-fast preparation. 电解水氧化的新方法实现了氧化石墨烯的安全、绿色、超快制备 related study, published in \”Nature – Communication\”, related technology has applied for Chinese invention patents and PCT patents. The study was focused on Science and Technology R & D program, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of Outstanding Youth Fund, major projects, innovative community projects and the like.