New N prepared Donghua University Professor Liao Yaozu team doped carbon airgel

Aerogels as the \”changing world of new materials,\” widely used in civil aerospace, defense and military fields as well as sophisticated construction, environmental protection and so on. For example, the Russian \”Mir\” space station, the United States \”Mars Pathfinder\” probe \”Stardust\” comet particulate traps as well as the world-famous Bell Labs\’ Cherenkov effect \”particle discriminators are used in this material. Carbon airgel (carbon aerogels, referred CAs) as the sole conductive airgel material, due to its high electrical conductivity, specific surface area with high controllability, porosity, good physical and chemical stability and mechanical performance characteristics, adsorptive separation, catalytic aspects, energy storage and conversion play an important role. Currently, most CAs are charring organic gel precursor, such as glucose, cellulose, phenol resin, polycyanate ester and the like. However, it is difficult to bear the common organic liquid surface in contact with the gel precursor capillary force is formed, it is prone to collapse during drying. This must require the use of special drying process, such as supercritical or freeze drying, but these processes are time-consuming and harsh conditions, the higher the cost. To achieve practical application of CAs, the key is to develop cheap and simple method for large-scale preparation, the urgent need to develop a capillary tube can withstand pressure and easy dry polymer airgel precursor. In response to these challenges, the State Key Laboratory of Materials Modification fiber Donghua University Professor Liao Yaozu team at a low base and industrial products Parafuchsin trimesic formaldehyde as raw materials, with a simple Schiff base reaction solvent type screening by trial and error, regulation monomer concentration and reaction temperature, design and synthesis of nitrogen-rich organic porous polymer gel nanospheres (ACS Appl.Energy Mater.2018,1,6535). Super polymer itself exists a crosslinked structure, the contact point between the rich and nanospheres internal hydrogen bonding, giving it a high surface area, good mechanical strength and thermal stability. Simple high temperature heat treatment does not involve the supercritical or freeze-drying process, one-step successfully prepared a novel nitrogen-doped carbon airgel (nitrogen-doped carbon aerogel, referred to as NCAs). ​东华大学廖耀祖教授团队制备出新型氮掺杂炭气凝胶 Preparation of a freeze-dried non-nitrogen-doped carbon airgel FIG schematic pyrolytic treatment between the contact point skilfully polymer nanospheres into surface contact between the carbon nanospheres, NCAs polymer maintainedMacro-morphology of the precursor, while micro carbon skeleton rearrangement occurs, the formation of large pores. Using carbon airgel prepared by the method has a very low density (5 mg / cm3), high specific surface area (2356 m2 / g), pore volume (1.12 cm3 / g) and a high electric conductivity (1.8 S / cm ). At the same time, the mechanical strength of the carbon airgel is significantly improved. By means of its high specific surface area, pore structure rich multi-level, and the effect of nitrogen doping a high conductivity, CO2 absorption capacity under high pressure NCAs 6 mmol / g, CO2 / N2 (15/85) 47.8 selectivity coefficient ; CO2 absorption capacity under high pressure of 30 bar up to 33 mmol / g, is by far one of the most efficient solid CO2 sorbents. Further, by NCAs assembled supercapacitor capacity of up to 300 F / g, an energy density of up to 30.5 Wh / kg, have good cycle stability, 5000 remains after use of the initial capacity to 98%. Related work recently published in professional journals internationally famous material \”Advanced Functional Materials\” (Adv.Funct.Mater.2019,1904785). ​东华大学廖耀祖教授团队制备出新型氮掺杂炭气凝胶 FIG 2 nitrogen-doped carbon aerogels CO2 adsorption and electrochemical properties of nearly three years since Professor Liaoyao Zu team carbonitride cross-coupling method based on the rational design of building blocks, functional groups, to achieve a conjugated organic porous polymeric the specific surface area thereof, pore size distribution, precise control of crystalline structure and the redox state of in-depth exploration of its gas adsorption (Adv.Funct.Mater.2019,1904785; Chem.Mater.2017,29,4885; Macromolecules 2016,49, 6322; Polym.Chem.2017,8,7240), electrical energy storage (Adv.Mater.2018,30,1705710; ACS Macro Lett.2017,6,1444), a thermal energy storage (ACS Appl.Energy Mater.2018,1, 6535), energy conversion (Small 2018,14,1870193) and heterogeneous catalysis (ACS Appl.Mater.Interfaces 2017,9,38390) and other practical applications, to obtain aSeries of research results, the formation of a number of technology patents, and gradually move towards industrial applications. The working means of the organic porous polymer gel nanospheres unique physical and chemical structure, synthesis, and avoids the complicated drying process; simple pyrolysis char product to enhance the mechanical properties, electrochemical properties and performance of the gas separation adsorption for carbon capture set and energy storage provides guidance and reference design with research and airgel materials. The work of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Shuguang Talents Scheme, Shanghai Pujiang Program, Shanghai Natural Science Foundation of exploration projects in Shanghai, \”along the way\” international joint laboratories and university research center focused on cross basic operating expenses and other project funding support.