Next six kinds of super material has the ability to change the world

Scientists have developed in the laboratory out of a lot of great significance super material, let\’s look at what is special about these six kinds of material. Speaking of the industry\’s so-called \”super material\”, I believe many people first thought would be of sapphire. Yes, this ultra-high hardness materials because Apple\’s favor and concern. But apart from sapphire, scientists have developed in the laboratory out of a lot of great significance super-material, this paper will be one of six kinds are introduced. Self-repairing materials – Bionic plastic the human body has a very strong ability to repair itself, but the built environment but does not have this ability. Last year, ScottWhite the University of Illinois have developed a self-healing ability of bionic plastic. This polymer had a built by the \”vascular system\” composed of the liquid, when breakage occurs, the liquid can be same as the blood oozing and caking. Compared to other materials that can repair the minute cracks, which can biomimetic plastic repair cracks up to 4 mm wide. The thermoelectric material – heat scavenger for any one device can use energy, the waste heat is inevitable. According to estimates, all energy used by man among them, two-thirds are lost in the form of waste heat. But if there is a way to capture these wasted energy? Last year, in a company called AlphabetEnergy developed a hot generator which can be inserted directly into the exhaust pipe of an ordinary generator, thereby converting the waste heat to usable electric power. This generator uses a relatively inexpensive thermoelectric materials and natural called tetrahedrite, it can be said to meet energy efficiency of 5-10%. Among the laboratory, scientists have been studying development prospects may have another, even more energy-efficient thermoelectric materials, called Skutterudite, a mineral containing cobalt. Thermoelectric materials has begun a small-scale applications – such as in the spaceship – but Skutterudite with inexpensive and energy-efficient features, can be used to wrap the exhaust pipe car, refrigerator or any machine. Perovskite – cheap solar cell is a renewable energy costs biggest obstacle. Solar energy is becoming more expensive, but the use of crystalline siliconProduction cost of solar cells and energy consumption is still very high. In addition to the crystalline silicon may be, there is an alternative material to make a solar cell may be used, that is a perovskite. Perovskites have been found dating back more than 100 years, but scientists are only now beginning to realize the potential of this material. In 2009, perovskite includes a solar cell fabricated with the solar conversion rate of 3.8%. By 2014, this figure has been raised to 19.3%. Compared to conventional crystalline silicon cells more than 20% energy efficiency, perhaps nothing, but here there are two other key points to consider: First, perovskite energy efficiency only in a few years it has been improved dramatically and scientists believe that this material is still possible to enhance the future; the other costs, perovskite much lower. Perovskite material is made of a specific crystal structure as defined categories, which can contain any number of elements used in the solar cell which is generally lead and tin. Compared to crystalline silicon, these materials are much cheaper, and can be sprayed on glass without carefully assembled in a clean room of them. airgel – ultra-light, ultra-tough Aerogels may seem like an unreal material. Although looks misty emptiness, but it can easily withstand the heat of a blowtorch, or the weight of a car. As its name suggests, this is a liquid air is completely replaced colloid, which is why it looks like a cloud of smoke. Airgel material can be made of any number, including silica, metal oxides and graphene. As the proportion accounted for the majority of air, airgel is also an excellent insulator. It also gives the structure of its high strength and toughness. But airgel also has a fatal flaw: brittle, especially when the raw material is silicon dioxide. However, NASA scientists have been experimenting with a flexible airgel made of a polymer, a spaceship insulating material passes through the atmosphere. The other compounds may be added to the silica airgel pliability, plus itself lightweight, strong and insulation, which will make it an incredible material. metamaterial – light manipulator If you heard metamaterial (me tamaterial), which it is then introduced material should also be mentioned the \”Harry Potter\” and \”invisible cloak.\” Is a nanostructure metamaterial capable of scattering light in a specific manner, in the future, it may indeed make the object invisible. Even more interesting is that metamaterials can only be redirected to visible light. Depending on production methods and materials, a metamaterial can scatter microwaves, radio waves, and lesser-known T-rays. In fact, any kind of electromagnetic spectrum can be controlled by a metamaterial. For example, if you make a new T-ray scanners with ultra-material, its performance can be changed at any time, whether it is being used in the medical or security. Stanene- 100% of the conductivity of the material and, like graphene, Stanene also a monoatomic layer of the prepared material. But due to the tin atom instead of a carbon atom, which has the characteristic that it can not be achieved graphene: 100% conductivity. Stanene in 2013 for the first time a first theorized by Professor Zhang Sheng Stanford University. Predict electronic properties of such materials Stanene Professor Zhang is one of the areas of expertise of the laboratory, according to their model, Stanene is a topological insulator, that is, its edge is a conductor, while the interior is an insulator. Thus, Stanene zero resistance can be electrically conductive at room temperature. Stanene property has not been experimental tests – after all, making a single layer of tin atoms is not an easy task – but Professor Zhang predicted for a number of other topological insulators have been proved to be correct. If the forecast for Stanene has also been shown that it is possible to have a revolutionary impact on all electronic equipment inside the microchip. In other words, the chip\’s performance will be greatly enhanced. Due to the heat generated by electronic, silicon chip performance is somewhat limited – if running too fast, the heat will be too high – and owns 100% of the conductivity of Stanene do not have this problem.