Northern magnetic aerogels prepared lightweight programmable expected to reduce the cost of space launch avionics

Recently, Xie from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, programmable ultra-light magnetic aerogels Chen Ziyu and the University of Colorado at Boulder research team led by Ivan Smalyukh cooperation prepared, is expected for the aerospace aircraft and intelligent field devices, thus reducing the quality of equipment, reduce operating costs, while remote people and equipment, non-contact interaction. really lived alone on the moon Chang E? Is there really a magnificent temple above the clouds? Is there really a Jedi vastness of the universe? We\’ve all dreamed of the universe can travel, to go and find the answer. In recent years, the rapid development of aerospace vehicles allows us away from the dream is getting closer, space travel program has started, however, the high launch costs allows most people stay away. In the prior art, the cost of transmitting the object about one gram equivalent to 1 gram of gold.

Preparation Process

The ferromagnetic nanoparticles are uniformly dispersed in the airgel precursor solution, and applying a uniform magnetic field of the ferromagnetic particles have a consistent orientation of magnetization, wait solution was gradually solidified, Fe the tight binding of magnetic particles in the network structure, so as to maintain a consistent magnetization direction, and finally through the critical drying to obtain a density of only 0.12 kg m-3 ultralight magnetic airgel – i.e., an \”air magnet\” (aero-magnet).

Preparation of magnetic flow lightweight airgel.

programmable diverse

Since the interior of the ferromagnetic nanoparticles (monodisperse barium ferrite and cobalt nanorods nanodisks) consistent orientation of magnetization, high magnetic aerogels magnetic anisotropy. Programmable sample is reflected in: the magnetization size on the one hand, the sample may be linearly adjusted by controlling the doping concentration of the ferromagnetic particles. On the other hand, may be implemented as \”air magnet\” ordered magnetic domains, a controllable orientation of the array by designing the external field is applied. Accordingly, researchers have the double domains and single domain \”magnetic air\” prepared to study the magnetic properties, shows the relevant magnetic response. For single-domain \”air magnet\”, researchers annular base magnets, to achieve a single domain magnetic levitation display airgel. For double domains \”air magnet\”, the researchers made into a simple magnetic switch, to achieve on-off control circuit. In addition to the above properties of ultra-light materials and programmable magnetic domains, the development of \”emptyGas magnet \”also has good heat insulating properties and hydrophobicity, can be applied to the vacuum, low-temperature environment space, and the potential field of energy-saving materials.

单畴气凝胶中钴纳米棒的一致取向测量(a, b),磁各向异性测量(c)以及磁化强度的调控(d− f),和磁悬浮(g),疏水(h)及绝热性能(i)的展示。
single-domain cobalt airgel uniform nanorods orientation measurements (a, b), the regulation of magnetic anisotropy measurements (c), and magnetization (d- f), and magnetic levitation (g), hydrophobic (h) and heat insulating property (i) impressions.
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双畴气凝胶的设计示意图(a-c),在相反磁场下的磁响应(d, e),以及相邻处形成的畴壁(f),磁化曲线测量(g)和磁各向异性测量(h),最后,通过磁开关展示了其潜在应用(i, j)。 double domains schematic design airgel (AC), in response to the opposite magnetic field (d, e), and a domain wall (f) is formed adjacent magnetization curve measurement (g) and magnetic anisotropy measurement (H), and finally, through the magnetic switch demonstrated its potential applications (i, j).
in addition, researchers have also explored in the field \”air magnet \”stability, mechanical properties and the interaction of nanoparticles and ferromagnetic airgel internal network, the results obtained demonstrate\” air magnets \”have good stability in a strong magnetic field, and estimates the Young\’s modulus and other mechanical parameters, results and the experimental results.
超轻磁性气凝胶在磁场下的稳定性以及铁磁纳米颗粒与气凝胶网络相互作用的分析,以及力学性能的测试。 analysis of ultra-light stability, and magnetic field in the ferromagnetic airgel nanoparticles airgel network interactions, and mechanical properties were measured.


programmable ultralight \”air magnet\” may be used in aerospace and intelligent field devices, for example, in terms of a light micro-satellites, the space shuttle and other components, aerospace and space station staff and equipment, as well as non-contact between the astronauts relative control unit processes, has achieved \”air magnet\” would reduce the cost of launching aerospace equipment, and constantly push forward the development of the aerospace industry.