Notice on technological transformation in 2019 to declare the work of special projects

Municipal development and reform commission, appointed by the letter: According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requirements for good in 2019 to declare the work of the technical transformation of special projects, relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: First, the special by the National Development and reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as the two departments) in accordance with the \”2019 grant program of work\” (see Annex 1) jointly organized and implemented, centralized support the \”2019 focused direction\” (see Annex 2) clear and intelligent transformation quality improvement project, the development of high-end equipment and infrastructure capacity building project, the key to the development of new materials, engineering three key areas. Second, the project (or application demonstration projects relying on engineering) investment in fixed assets in principle, less than 200 million yuan. Products fill the gaps or the world\’s leading technology projects, investment in fixed assets can be relaxed to 100 million yuan. According to the proportion of the central budget for investment projects in fixed assets investment of 15% to be subsidized, the highest single investment project supporting ceiling in principle, more than 100 million yuan. Third, municipalities Development and Reform Commission, appointed by the letter to the investment regulations, \”the central budget for investment subsidies and interest subsidies project management approach\”, the project intends to report the arrangements rigorous review to ensure the project meets the following criteria: project conforms to \”2019 focus direction \”requirements, advanced technology project uses reliable and intellectual clarity, project approval (for the record, environmental assessment, land use planning, energy conservation, safety evaluation, etc.) procedures comply with the relevant provisions of the project have not won the support of the central budget for investment, and it is responsible for the authenticity, compliance and review the application materials. Fourth, the filings must include the following two aspects, or not participate in the review. First, it must clear one by one sponsor in the project responsible, directly responsible for the daily supervision and supervision units responsible. Second, the reporting enterprise should specify 2016 – Get arrange central budget for investment projects and the amount of subsidies in 2018, and whether the projects have been accepted, there is not acceptance of the project in principle, to support the business; not won the support of the central budget for investment It should also be clear. Five municipalities Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Information Commission to strengthen cooperation among the entire interior work and communication with relevant departments in the region, it has been declared avoid over other central budget for investment projects of special declaration repeated, long declaration. 2018 Grand supervision of the State Council and the Central environmental supervision \”look back\” and other enterprises of the inspection to be criticized, \”Credit China\” website is subject to disciplinary blacklist enterprises shall not applyReported. Sixth, throughout the declaration by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission by letter and responsible, before December 5 at the first joint project summary table (see Annex 3) stamped reported, city limit each reported six projects. Project official filings (in duplicate), funds prepared by the consultancy report with the appropriate qualifications to apply paper and electronic versions of the disc (in quadruplicate, project application report for funds to be provincial level through the audit, and then notice the preparation) on or before December 13 were submitted to the Zhejiang Provincial development and reform Commission, by letter to the Office. In filings can be synchronized reporting in line with a number of support direction, construction elements in place of reserve projects (type of project you want to clear the declaration, the reserve funds required to submit a project application report). Seven municipalities Development and Reform Commission, appointed by the letter to \”submit an annual plan\” module through the National Library of major construction projects, the provincial approval of the project (including reserve projects) submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission Department of Industry accordingly soon as possible. Accessories: 1 2019 grant program of work for 2 in 2019 focused direction 3. special technological transformation project summary grant program of work November 26, 2018 Annex 1


According to \”promote the technological upgrading of enterprises guidance of the State Council.\” (Guo Fa [2012] No. 44) and \”the central budget for investment subsidies and subsidized project management approach\” (national development and reform Commission order No. 45 of 2017), the development of this program of work. First, the general requirements (a) transformation of special funds (hereinafter referred to as \”special funds\”) refers earmarked for the promotion of industry strategic, fundamental, global industrial enterprise technological progress and technological transformation projects (hereinafter referred to as \”Project\”) funds. Industrial or engineering mainly for key technologies, purchase equipment, improve process equipment and test conditions, domestic major equipment and key parts and components demonstration application and necessary supporting infrastructure. (B) the management and use of special funds shall meet the national macro-economic policy, industrial policy and regional development policy, adhere to an open, just and fair principles to ensure standardized, safe and efficient use of special funds. (C) special funds jointly managed by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Second, funding methods and criteria (a) special funds to support investment subsidies fashion projects, grant funds for the free investment. (B) the arrangements for a single project investment subsidy of 15% of the amount of funds the project investment in fixed assets, the maximum investment subsidy ceiling in principle, more than 100 million yuan. A one-time grant funding arrangements on investment principles (c) individual projects. The central government has obtained funding through other channels projects are not eligible for this special fund. Third, the project application and funding issued (a) National Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology based on industrial development planning, industrial policy, in accordance with the key directions of special support, index parameters, the intended target, work programs, support methods, deadlines, etc. make arrangements for project reporting. (B) the project unit shall fund application report commissioned professional advisory body tissue. Enterprise project by the provincial or local municipalities (hereinafter referred to as local) Development and Reform Commission, industry authorities jointly submit a project application to the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Central enterprise subsidiary of items declared by the central enterprises headquarters. Places according to their own circumstances, to determine their own local area project organization reporting process and the division of labor, to reduce the links in principle, to improve efficiency. (C) special funds for the project application must meet the following conditions: 1, projects must meet special funds to support specific direction and parameters. 2, the project must have been approved or filed in accordance with relevant regulations, environmental impact approval (or record), land use right (or land use pre), planning permits, energy and other elements of the review are available. No. 44 according to the National Development and Reform Commission, the comprehensive energy consumption of no more than 1,000 tons of standard coal, and the annual power consumption of less than 5 million kwh of energy-saving fixed assets investment projects exempted review such project fund application in provides energy company seal stamped with instructional materials. According to state regulations required safety assessment of the need to provide safety assessment review comments. 3, item (or application demonstration projects relying on engineering) investment in fixed assets of not less than 200 million yuan. 4, the project employed advanced and reliable technology, intellectual property ownership clear. 5, the project has good social and economic benefits, in line with energy conservation, energy, safety and environmental protection requirements. 6, fixed asset investment projects in line with national laws and regulations. (D) where the declaration project to establish a strict audit mechanism to ensure complete real pre-condition to declare the project, technical parameters related indicators meet the requirements. (Fives) National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology commissioned a third-party evaluation organization with professional qualifications of the project competitive assessment, the assessment content: 1, the project in line with the specific requirements of the direction and parameters; 2, process technology project nature and applicability; 3, management capacity and ability to operate the construction project units; 4, market prospects and economic benefits of the project; 5, rationality and feasibility of the project implementation plan; 6, other requirements prescribed. Sorted by review score assessment by the advisory body entrusted with accreditation program for each direction. National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Information Industry and government workers are not allowed to participate, but must not interfere project review. (F) by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in accordance with scientific, fairness and merit, based on a review score Sort advisory body, from high to low select projects approved for funding joint audit report. (Vii) the National Development and Reform Commission, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the project application report for funds, the preparation of investment plans issued. Fourth, fund management and supervision of (a) units of special funds for the project implementation of the project responsibility system, project planning unit in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in charge of the project, financing, construction, operation, etc., and consciously cooperate with relevant departments to check the use of funds for state aid, audit, and submit the relevant progress of the project in accordance with the local development and reform Commission, industry authorities requirements. (B) units in accordance with the project application report for funds approved content organized and implemented without changing the content and objectives of the construction project. Implementation of the project if significant changes occur, the local Development and Reform Commission, industry authorities shall National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology submitted the project to terminate, withdraw or adjust the terms apply. (C) Local Development and Reform Commission, industry authorities on the use of grant funds and project implementation of national investment management. (Iv) National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to strengthen the supervision and management of the project things in hindsight. Local Development and Reform Commission, industry authorities in major construction projects submitted to the library on a monthly basis the progress of the project information. National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology selected a number of projects carried out in due course after evaluation. (5) After the completion of project construction content and objectives, the project units to make timely preparations for project acceptance, project acceptance application and submit project authorities. Project authorities to timely acceptance of the project.Project Unit accordance with the relevant provisions of the State safekeeping projects related to archives and acceptance materials. (Vi) the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organizations to strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the project. Earnestly implement the responsibility system of assessment and accountability, and actively cooperate with auditing and supervision departments, and the initiative to accept social supervision. (Vii) the project units to cheat, transfer, embezzlement or misappropriation of state investment subsidies, according to the law refused to accept the audit, supervision and inspection and other acts, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology may order the local Development and Reform Commission , industry authorities supervise their rectification, rectification can not take place and subtract, stop or withdraw the allocation of state investment subsidies, as well as a period of time no longer accept the other project reporting and other measures for punishment. According to the plot, draw or transfer the relevant authorities to pursue administrative or legal liability of persons responsible according to the law. (Eight) departments at all levels and the staff of the relevant agencies to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, discipline and integrity, for examination and approval, abuse of power, corruption, extortion and other acts of bribery, according to the circumstances, hold accountable those law administrative responsibilities; constitutes a crime, the judicial organs be held criminally responsible. (Ix) The program by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is responsible for interpretation. Annex 2

direction of the focus in 2019

First, the intelligent transformation and quality improvement projects (a) demonstration plant based on intelligent manufacturing industry self-control Internet platform, integrated application own brand Distributed Control System (DCS), data collection and video monitoring system (SCADA), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and other industrial control systems and computer-aided design (CAD), engineering (CAE), process planning (CAPP), manufacturing (CAM), product lifecycle management (PLM ) and other industrial software, mainly its own brand of intelligent equipment to support the construction and renovation of industrial enterprises in the industrial Internet network, intelligent building demonstration plants. Project construction investment in own-brand products (including equipment, system, software) purchases accounted for more than 60% or more, by the Internet industry R & D, manufacturing, marketing, value-added services and other aspects of the Integration of key equipment NC rate of more than 80%, the production of automatic data acquisition rate of more than 90%, the data acquisition and analysis system and manufacturing execution systems (MEAutomatic data transfer between S) 100%. Project uses its own brand of industrial robots, AGV (automated guided vehicles) have been certified by CR Priority Support (CR provided a copy of the certificate in the fund application report). (B) improve the quality of medicines to speed up the project tumors, areas of cardiovascular, nervous system and other major diseases, market potential, high clinical value of innovative medicines and effective, safe, effective ingredient clear, clear mechanism of action of Chinese medicine, The new classics side products industry (chemical drugs class 1, class 2 drugs, a class of drugs biological drugs, traditional Chinese 1-6 class of drugs approved for marketing in 2015 to a new, or has entered phase III clinical studies, or declared production) promote foreign patents expire and generic drugs first chemically similar biological medicine industrial development, strengthen market shortage of much-needed drugs, drug supply and support capacity-building for children, orphan drugs, medicinal materials and high performance packaging materials. Promote the industrialization of new vaccines and improve the security of supply capacity of existing vaccines. (C) the dangerous chemicals production enterprises upgrading upgrading upgrading upgrading project producers of hazardous chemicals: In accordance with \”the State Council on Promoting the densely populated towns of dangerous chemicals production relocation of enterprises guidance\” (Guo Ban Fa [2017] No. 77) requirements, to promote compliance with the requirements of dangerous chemicals production enterprises move into the chemical park compliance with established or chemical-based industrial parks, promoting the production of dangerous chemicals business transformation and upgrading and development of high quality, strictly implement the \”State Council General Office guidance on the petrochemical industry structural adjustment and promote transformation increase efficiency \”(Guo Ban Fa [2016] No. 57), may not take the opportunity to expand excess capacity. Green petrochemical process transformation: encourage enterprises to adopt advanced green technology, implementation of technological innovation, give priority to the use of technology listed in the \”green petrochemical processes directory (2018 edition).\” Public service platform construction of the park: to accelerate the provincial level and above chemical park safety and environmental protection infrastructure and product development, design and manufacturing, test, demonstration, standards and other public service platform. (D) metallurgy and building materials industry advanced technology to promote technological transformation projects based on its own brand of equipment (system) of high-precision reduction path given application demonstration units and other high-tech equipment in excellent steel, stainless steel wire rod production areas, improve product quality. Without new capacity to promote high solid-gas ratio based suspension heat decomposition, synergy solid waste disposal, energy efficiency fine control and other advancedHigh quality and efficient implementation of applicable technologies dry process cement demonstration projects of integrated transformation; to promote the use of advanced technology integration of high quality and efficient transformation of float glass demonstration projects, increasing the variety improve quality. (E) focus on light industry and textile product quality improvement project to enhance the quality of key products of light industry: home appliances, furniture, metal products, baby products, dairy products processing, fermentation, paper, leather, batteries, cleaning supplies, lighting, clocks and watches, sewing machines, sports goods, sugar, salt and other key industries, light industry, support high-end equipment manufacturing, technology and equipment upgrades, intelligent production, green production, creative design, public service platform construction, promote quality improvement and brand building, promotion of industry high-quality development. Textile industry focused product quality improvement: in cotton, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, clothing, knitwear, home textiles, industrial textiles and other key industries, support intelligent equipment manufacturing, production line intelligent improvement, green production, improve the consumer goods quality and meet market and brand development needs . Second, the development of high-end equipment and infrastructure capacity building project (a) series of Chinese standard rail transportation equipment and other high-speed EMU EMU and critical systems, core components. Piggyback transport special vehicles, new rail flaw detection vehicles, catenary intelligent maintenance and freight cars and other equipment and maintenance and repair critical systems, core components. Metro, the City fast-track, low-speed maglev monorail, trams and other standard Chinese urban rail equipment and critical systems, core components. Rail transportation equipment R & D, testing, testing equipment and application platforms. (B) high-end marine and offshore engineering equipment large container ships, ro luxury, large LNG carriers, very large LPG carriers, ocean drilling ship, far-reaching sea comprehensive research vessels, and other high polar expedition icebreaker ship and critical systems, core components. The seventh-generation semi-submersible drilling platforms, large-scale offshore floating production storage and offloading unit, floating LNG storage and then the air pressure device, far-reaching sea fish farming platforms, offshore energy development of new equipment, offshore platforms and other marine engineering equipment dismantling equipment and critical systems, core components. Shipbuilding and marine engineering equipment design, development, testing, testing equipment and application engineering platforms. Body weight and parts (c) new energy and energy new energy vehicles, automobiles advanced technology development and industrialization building capacity, non-metallic composite materials, high-strength light alloy, high-strength steel, fully functional, high-performance vehicle control systems and keyParts, efficient drive systems and key components, advanced car battery, and a fuel cell material, a high level of in-vehicle charging device, the car battery and other manufacturing and testing technology special equipment. Energy-saving technologies, equipment, key components and fuel-efficient vehicles and efficient engines, advanced automatic transmissions and hybrid systems. Industry-oriented common technology, testing and other public services and innovative platform. (D) large-scale and efficient modern agricultural machinery combine harvesters, sugar cane harvester, grain harvester efficient low-loss, high-powered tractors, tubers combine harvester and other agricultural equipment and critical systems, core components. High-end farm machinery and equipment research and development, testing, testing equipment and platforms, intelligent farm machinery and equipment of Things platform, big data center, operation and maintenance platforms. (V) Significant technical equipment in building materials metallurgy, petrochemical, textile, energy and power, engineering machinery, heavy mining, general machinery and other major technical equipment and critical systems, core components. Major technical equipment design, development, testing, testing equipment and platforms. (Vi) project to promote high performance medical equipment surgical robot, such as high-energy linear accelerator treatment equipment, full test analysis laboratory automation lines (TLA), high-throughput gene sequencing instrument, such as in vitro diagnostic products, fully degradable coronary stents, dual-chamber heart pacemakers, implantable nerve stimulators, and other new interventional products, innovative PET-MR, PET-CT, CT, DSA and other high-performance imaging equipment, as well as upgrading the quality of performance. Third, the key to development of new materials Engineering (a) Advanced Engineering Development of a steel material a metal material 1. The ultra high strength steel sheet for automobiles and steel components: (1) 1000-1500MPa level of the third generation automotive steel, cold rolled plate product superplasticizer ≥15GPa%. (2) 1000MPa class elongation ≥21%, 1200MPa class elongation ≥17%, 1500MPa class elongation of ≥14%. 2. High performance marine and offshore marine steel and high-end tube: (1) 460MPa grade high arrestability steel large thickness: thickness ≥70mm, -10 ℃ arrest toughness Kca≥6000N / mm 3/2 [ 123] under stress conditions or predetermined criteria crack arrest temperature Tk≤-10 ℃. (2) resistant to low temperature -60 ℃ less polar ship steel: yield strength ≥500MPa, tensile 610-770MPa, elongation ≥16%, – 80 ℃ lateral impact toughness 50J, longitudinal 70J, -40 ℃ CTOD properties 0.2mm. (3) The thickness of 0.4-8mm LNG ship steel sheet tile Yin: Impact test ≥18J / cm 2 (min) when -196 ℃, yield strength ≥275MPa, tensile ≥460MPa. Leg structure (4) with a high strength steel pile offshore platform: X100Q grade steel, the yield strength of ≧ 690MPa, tensile strength ≥760MPa, 500mm gauge elongation of ≥16%, reduction of ≥45%. (5) the end of 3000 meters of oil collection, transport line pipe with large wall thickness: X70Q above grade steel, the yield strength ≥485MPa, tensile ≥570MPa, -20 ℃ average impact energy ≥210J, diameter> 205mm, wall thickness > 25mm. (6) Low temperature arctic Ship: Rel: 355-690MPa level, the maximum thickness of 80mm, Akv-80 ℃ (T) ≥80J; Welding supporting Akv-60 ℃ ≥80J. (7) Marine engineering steel: yield strength of 785MPa class, thickness ≥ 180mm, the maximum welding heat 200kJ / cm. (8) with a bottom 3000 meters of umbilical super duplex steels, the tensile strength ≥820MPa, yield strength ≥660MPa, elongation ≥25%, HRC≤32,24 hours the corrosion rate ≤1.0g / m 2 [123 ]. 3. Third Generation steel nuclear power key equipment: (1) an evaporator Third nuclear power, high performance for a regulator plate: Maximum plate thickness 165mm, Ceq≤0.50%, Rp0.2≥485MPa, Rm: 620 MPa-795 MPa, A% ≥16%, reduction of ≥35%, – 21 ℃ KV2≥48J, 350 ℃ Rp0.2≥370MPa. (2) a main container, support the stack, the main circuit and the intermediate heat exchanger and pipes 316LN stainless steel 304LN Nitrogen. (3) and the steam generator with improved 9Cr1Mo 2.25Cr1Mo steel fuel cladding materials stabilized with Ti and 15Cr-15Ni type 316 austenitic stainless steel. (4) nuclear pressure vessel steel forgings thickness T / 2 sampled at a nil-ductility transition temperature RTNDT≤-60 ℃, 350 ℃ tensile strength ≥600MPa. Nuclear reactor safetyShells plate thickness T / 4 sampling at a lower temperature, the yield strength Rel≥485MPa, tensile Rm655-795MPa, -45 ℃ impact energy KV8≥54 joules. 4. Specification ultra strong steel bars: tensile strength ≥1500MPa, yield strength ≥1380MPa, fracture toughness (the KIC) reaches 120N · mm -2 · m 1/2 or more , bar diameter> 300mm, horizontal and vertical difference in performance 1/2 . Remanence temperature coefficient α = -0.12% / K, the temperature coefficient of coercivity β = -0.43% / K (293K-473K), the maximum operating temperature of 200 ℃. ② robot servo motors with rare earth permanent magnet: a magnet (BH) max≥45MGOe, Hcj≥20kOe, bending strength ≥330MPa, compressive strength ≥960 MPa, the temperature coefficients of remanence than -0.09% / K, temperature – 20 ℃ -200 ℃. ③ temperature SmCo permanent magnet: (BH) max≥28MGOe, Hcj≥25kOe, a knee coercivity Hk≥18 kOe, remanence than the temperature coefficient of -3.0 × 10 <10%。





1.高性能镁合金轮毂产品。形成年产30万只轮毂的能力。产品指标:镁合金轮毂材料满足  抗拉强度大于330Mpa,屈服强度大于210 Mpa,延伸率大于12%;轮毂产品满足径向疲劳大于200万次、弯曲疲劳大于70万次(美国SAE标准)。



(2)稀土镁基储氢材料:储氢容量≥1.8 wt.%,放氢容量≥1.6 wt.%,循环寿命≥2000次,容量保持率≥80%;不含镁材料稀土储氢材料:储氢容量≥1.6 wt.%,放氢容量≥1.5 wt.%,循环寿命≥5000次,容量保持率≥80%。

3.大规格高性能轻合金精密铸件。年产3000吨的航空航天用大规格轻合金精密铸件生产能力。主要指标:1. 精密铝合金铸件。铸件尺寸大于1600mm×700mm×200mm,铸件满足HB963-Ⅱ要求,尺寸公差HB6103/CT7级,铸件探伤针c孔要求优于2级;2. 精密钛合金铸件。ZTC4ELI铸件尺寸轮廓尺寸大于650mm×1300mm×500mm,铸件满足ZZQB903-007D要求;3.精密镁合金铸件。ZM5合金铸件轮廓尺寸大于1900mm×690mm×345mm,最大壁厚大于45mm,最小壁厚小于10mm,满足航空Ⅱ类铸件要求。





6.航空发动机用高温合金材料(室温:σb≥1520MPa,σ0.2≥1150MPa;750℃:σb≥1050MPa,σ0.2≥950MPa;持久:750℃/530MPa≥5h;冲击:AKU(20℃)≥53J;探伤:达到GJB1580A A级)。



(2)高品质铜基金属粉体材料。形成年产2万吨高品质铜基金属粉体材料生产能力。技术指标:1)树枝状铜粉:松装密度0.8-2.1g/cm3,激光粒度(D50)3-40μm,氧含量小于500ppm,铅含量小于50ppm,酸不溶物小于0.05%;2)球形铜粉:松装密度4.8-5.0g/cm3,振实密度5.0-5.2g/cm3,流动性小于15 s/50g,激光粒度(D50)15-50μm,氧含量小于300ppm,氮含量小于300ppm,铅含量小于100ppm,酸不溶物小于0.05%;3)铜合金粉:松装密度2.1-4.8g/cm3,振实密度4.8-5.2g/cm3,氧含量小于1000ppm,铅含量小于100ppm,酸不溶物小于0.05%;4)纳米铜粉:激光粒度(D50)30-80nm,应用纳米铜粉制备的铜膏烧结温度<300℃,铜膏烧结后残留不高于3%;烧结后孔隙率不高于10%。


(4)高品质铜铝复合材料。形成年产2万吨高比强度铜包铝合金导体材料生产能力。技术指标:扁线规格范围1.50mm*2.50mm – 5.00mm*10.00mm,圆线规格范围φ0.06mm-4.00mm;材料载流量为同规格铜导线的80%左右,铜铝界面剪切强度≥40MPa,硬态抗拉强度≥380MPa,软态延伸率≥35%。






①新能源汽车驱动电机用高耐震稀土永磁材料:(BH)max≥42MGOe,Hcj≥30kOe,断裂韧性≥5.5 MPa·m -4 / K, using temperature -60 ℃ -480 ℃. Cerium ④ new permanent magnet materials: (BH) max≈25-35MGOe, coercivity Hcj≥12kOe, Ce content accounting for more than 30% of total rare earth, up to 50%, and a magnet to the electric bicycle, the motor hub, a magnetic power system and other applications. (2) rare earth catalyst. Automotive catalytic rare earth material meets Six States: the coating material is 1000 ℃, 10% H 2 O hydrothermal aging after 10 hours, a specific surface area of ​​not less than 45m 2 / g , gasoline / diesel catalysts to meet the emission standards six countries, batch consistency required deviation 99.995%, relative purity> 99.999%, the sum of the 60 kinds of metallic impurities 99.99%, the sum of the 60 kinds of metallic impurities [123 ] 99.9%; content of metal ions: Si 1200h (ASTM G-154), environmental indicators by EU REACH regulation certification; (6) no new chemical blowing agents chlorofluorocarbons: ozone Depleting potential (ODP) zero global warming potential (GWP) is zero. (Iii) the development of advanced inorganic non-metallic materials Engineering, the structure and function integration of green building materials (1) fabricated building with both fire waterproof anti-corrosion features such as walls, roofs and other prefabricated parts; forestry residues based on the production of biomass building materials (resin content of not more than 50%). (2) having a noise insulation function of the humidity-like decoration parts: 24h moisture absorption ≥80 (g / m 2 <100ppm,靶材最大方向尺寸≥500mm,平均晶粒尺寸≤200μm,表面粗糙度≤0.8μm。






















(4)丁基橡胶/尼龙热塑性弹性体:0~80%的丁基橡胶与20~40%的尼龙在高剪切力下熔融共混,气密性优于卤化丁基橡胶,气体渗透系数(60℃,N2)(10~17m2·S-1·Pa-1) ≤0.3。单套装置规模达到万吨级/年。







(5)动力电池隔膜:厚度公差(含涂层):±2μm,热收缩(150℃,1h):MD≤3.0%,TD≤2.0%,平均孔径≤0.2μm,孔隙率35-50%,穿刺强度≥30g/μm,拉伸强度:MD≥150MPa,TD≥150 MPa,吸液率≥80%,破膜温度≥180℃。



(2)黑色/彩色/PS光刻胶专用树脂:分辨率<6μm;感度); formaldehyde removal efficiency ≥90%; thermal conductivity of 0.2 W / (m · K ); flexural strength ≥9PMa. (3) reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) / pre-coated waterproofing construction method of the anti-stick: reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membrane: maximum tension 250N / cm, tensile elongation at maximum 15 %, the low-temperature flexibility at -40 ℃ no crack, artificial climate accelerated aging 2500h; waterproofing construction method of pre-shop anti-stick: a film elongation at break of 400%, the rate of anti-channeling water (RESOURCES gradient) 0.8MPa / 35mm, 4h not channeling water, pull 600N / 50mm. (4) modified polyurethane bridge, roof pavement material. 2. Mineral Functional Materials (1) with high purity battery spherical graphite: average diameter of 10μm, the carbon content of not less than 99.95%. (2) High Performance inorganic gel: apparent viscosity ≥2000P, thixotropic index ≥8, suspension rate ≥98%. (3) mineral barrier material: Hydrostatic ≥0.4MPa, permeability ≤5.0 × 10-11m / s, the expansion index ≥20mL / 2g. (4) mineral soil remediation agent: main active substance K <50ppb;其他金属离子 2 O≥1.5%, SiO 2 ≥15%, CaO≥15%, pH10.0 ~ 12.0; mineral adsorption of heavy metals agents: arsenic, cadmium selective adsorption rate of more than 90%, arsenic leaching solution ≤0.05mg / L, Cd ≤0.005mg / L. (5) high-grade paper coating grade kaolin: Whiteness ≥86, fineness -2μ≥90%, viscosity content ≥70%. (6) Special paints Kaolin: Whiteness ≥90, an oil absorption value of 45.0 ~ 55.0g / 100g, fineness -2μ≥85%, has a good water solubility, excellent characteristics with green. (7) ceramic grade kaolin: Baking whiteness ≥90, iron ≤0.4%, Ti ≤0.3%. 3. The ceramic powder of fine and high-performance ceramic materials (1) Zirconia Nano Powder: Powder uniform particle size, particle size of not greater than 60 nm, specific surface area 5 ~ 100m 2 / g, the strength of about 1500MPa, translucent 40% to 49.5%. (2) High Purity SiC powder: purity 99%, D50 <0.5μm. (3) Silicon nitride powder: α-Si 3 N 4 content of> 93%, fSi <0.1%, D50 <0.5μm. (4) an aluminum nitride substrate and ceramic powders: Powder: carbon content ≤300ppm, oxygen content ≤0.75%, a particle size distribution D10≤0.65μm, D50≤1.30μm, D90≤3.20μm; specific area ≥2.8m [123 ] 2 / g; substrate: density ≥3.30g / cm 3 , the thermal conductivity (20 ℃) ​​≥180W / m · K, the bending strength ≥380MPa, linear expansion coefficient (RT- 500 ℃) 4.6-4.8 × 10 -6 /℃,Ra≤0.3μm. (5) The multilayer ceramic chip capacitor dielectric material: powdered formula: dielectric constant of 3000 to 4000, the dielectric loss ≤2%, insulation RC≥100S, temperature characteristic (-55 ℃ ~ 125 ℃): – 15% 0.40 ± 0.05μm, withstand voltage BDV≥1800V / mil; base powder (barium titanate):: ≤ΔC / C0≤ + 15% (no bias), the powder particle size D50 of particle size distribution: 120 ± 10nm, more than surface area: 7.0 ~ 9.0m 2 / g, a particle size distribution D10: 0.05 ~ 0.10μm, D50: 0.10 ~ 0.15μm, D90: 0.25 ~ 0.45μm, c / a:> 1.0095, Ba / Ti: 1.000 to 1.005. (6) The ceramic bearing balls: bending strength ≥900MPa, the Weibull modulus ≥12, porosity ≤0.02%, crushing loads ≥50%; grade ≥G5 processing stage. (7) a silicon nitride ceramic material: density of ≥99%, the bending strength ≥900MPa, Vickers hardness ≥1450, fracture toughness ≥7MPa· M 1/2 , the modulus of elasticity ≥320GPa, the thermal expansion coefficient of ≤3.4 × 10 -6 , the Weibull modulus> 12, a thermal conductivity of 20 ~ 90W / m · K , compressive strength ≥3000MPa. (8) Precision ceramic member: Size: 300 ~ 1500mm, density ≥2.98g / cm 3 , the bending strength ≥350MPa, elastic modulus ≥320GPa, a thermal expansion coefficient ≤4 × 10 -6 / K (100 ℃), thermal conductivity ≥180W / m · K (25 ℃), designed to shape and position accuracy of less than 0.1mm, the surface roughness of not more than 0.4μm, the weight degree of ≥40%. (9) high purity alumina ceramic member: the grinding disc: Size ≥φ500 mm, thickness: 15 ~ 30mm, flatness ≥2μm, parallelism ≤5μm, substrate: size φ300 ~ 500 mm, thickness: 1 ~ 3mm, flatness ≥30μm, parallelism ≤30μm. (10) integration of a high temperature denitration dust ceramic membranes: Temperature: 180 ~ 420 ℃, filtration velocity of 0.8 ~ 2m / mim, dust removal efficiency ≥99.9%, the impurity concentration of the purge gas ≤10mg / Nm 3 , denitrification efficiency ≥80%, the filtration resistance 1000 ~ 3500Pa. (11) a ceramic honeycomb: Carrier: honeycomb mesh sieve: 300 to 750 mesh; thickness: TWC≤4mil, DOC / SCR≤6mil; thermal expansion coefficient of ≤0.6 × 10 -6 / ℃; thermal shock resistance ≥650 ℃; filter material: porosity of ≥50%, the particle capture efficiency of ≥90%. (12) UHV ceramic core Composite Insulator: glazing strip strength ≥210MPa, flexural breaking stress> 90MPa, torsional strength ≥10kN · m, the anti-seismic intensity of ≥8, the heat engine and after boiling tests, withstand voltage gradient steep wave ≥30kV / cm surge voltage before test. (13) a high temperature stable piezoelectric ceramics: PZT piezoelectric ceramic high temperature: d33≥300pC / N, tgδ≤0.2%, the working temperature ≥200 ℃, high temperature ceramic CBT: d33≥20pC / N, the operating temperature ≥482 ℃. (14) low temperature denitration catalyst: Temperature Window 120 ~ 200 ℃; denitration efficiency ≥80%. 4. A high purity quartz, high-performance glass substrate, an optical fiber preform (1) high-purity quartz sand and quartz photomask substrate sheet: purity quartz sand: 12 kinds of hetero element content <6ppm, 80-200 mesh, batch stable; quartz photomask substrate sheet: ≥8 inch size, the metal impurity content <1ppm; internal bubbles and impurities maximum size: 1.5 m: no birefringence ≤2nm / cm, the optical transmittance of ≥88% (200nm). (2) arc semiconductor grade quartz crucible: Specification ≥28 Size: inner purity: total amount of all metallic impurities <10ppm; high temperature deformation rate: for 250 hours without modification at 1500 ℃, no bubbling. (3) a large-sized quartz diffusion tube: diameter ~ 440mm; thickness deviation of ≤0.4mm; metallic impurities <13ppm; long-term use temperature: 1180 ℃. (4) a vertical quartz boat 12 inches: length ≥1300mm, flatness within 0.05mm, POX (room temperature oxide) GOX (gate oxide) process temperature of 800 ~ 900 ℃, HOX (high-temperature oxidation) temperature of 1100 ℃, in high temperature conditions the lower surface of the quartz boat impurities <25ppm, hydroxyl content <10ppm. (5) The display device with the thin glass substrate: linear expansion coefficient (3.0-3.8) × 10 -6 / ℃, the strain point temperature of 665 ± 10 ℃, and the thickness deviation (0.7mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm) ± 10%, the entire warping ≤0.5mm, Young\’s modulus ≥65GPa. (6) glass cover alumina: thickness of 0.5 ~ 0.7mm, the transmittance of ≥91 (λ = 550nm)%, the roughness Ra≤0.01μm, Young\’s modulus ≥75.6GPa. (7) Super white hot material (photothermal glass): visible light transmittance ≥91.6%, the full spectral transmission ≥91.0%. (8) Construction of high transparency optoelectronic components: visible light transmittance up to 30% to 60%, the optoelectronic component light transmittance of 30%, the photoelectric conversion efficiency ≥9% sizes up to 1500 × 2400mm, the heat transfer coefficient does not higher than 1.5W / (m 2 · K). (9) like copper indium gallium selenide solar cell: a photoelectric conversion efficiency of ≥14%, suitable for BIPV.(10) an electrochromic / thermochromic hollow glass and shading system: Visible light transmittance: 2% to 65%, shading coefficient SC adjustable range: 0.11 to 0.64, the heat transfer coefficient ≤1.9W / (m [123 ] 2 · K), the service life of ≥ 15 years. (11) Ultra Low Expansion Glass: linear expansion coefficient ≤8 × 10 -8 / ℃, stress birefringence ≤4nm / cm, flexural strength ≥150MPa, the transmittance (5mm thickness) T ≥85% (600-2000nm). The high performance intraocular lens and a device (1) of cerium-doped lanthanum bromide Ce: LaBr 3 : crystal diameter Ф5 ~ 75mm; decay time ≤30ns; light yield ≥55000Ph / MeV; energy resolution ≤ 4.0% (137Cs source); Operating temperature: (- 20 ~ + 175) ℃. (2) electro-oxo rubidium titanium phosphate (RTP) and Crystal Device: aperture diameter ≥8mm × 8mm; anti laser damage threshold ≥600MW / cm 2 ; extinction ratio ≥100: 1; residual reflectivity coating: R <0.1% @ 1064 nm; conductivity ≤1 × 10 -10 Ω -1 cm -1 (Z uninterruptible DC voltage to 800V / mm 100 hours). (3) the large cross-section, a very high sensitivity bismuth germanate scintillation crystal: ① scintillation crystal product: the crystal diameter ≥5 inches; height ≥3 crystal inches; energy resolution @ 662keV≤12%; ② scintillation detectors products: Operating voltage: 10 ~ 15V; working current ≤12%; Operating temperature: -10-50 ℃; energy resolution @ 662KeV≤12%. 6. The self-healing, rapid repair of cement-based materials, cured concrete material with water and extreme environmental cementitious material (1) self-repairing, rapid repair of cement-based materials: 28 days after self-repairing, chloride diffusion coefficient of 50% or more, 4 hour and the tensile strength ≥1.5MPa, compressive ≥30MPa, flexural strength ≥4.5MPa; 28 days ultimate elongation not less than 1%. (2) raising the concrete material with water and cement-based materials with extreme environments: chloride ion diffusion coefficient -12 m 2 s, 28 days of sea water resistant coefficients K28> 1.0,7 Tianshui hot 52.5Mpa. Cementitious materials prepared using the above standard mortar specimens sulfate resisting corrosion coefficient ≥1.20, seawater corrosion resistance coefficient ≥1.10.7 ablative insulation material and airgel (1) thermal conductivity of the vacuum insulation panel: ~ .004 0.006W / (m · K). (2) airgel insulation mat: thermal conductivity of 0.020 W / (m * K); density of 200kg / m³; Volume absorption rate ≤0.1%; A combustion performance level; hydrophobic rate ≥98%; ≥ 20 years of life. 8. The ultra-high performance magnesium phosphate material. 1h compressive ≥40MPa, 7d≥60MPa, 28d shrinkage of less than parts per million, 7d tensile bond strength ≥1.5MPa. 9. graphene and modifying material (1) of the graphene film: the average transmittance in the visible region (including the substrate) is better than 85% pure graphene thin film haze of <1%, the surface resistance value of <100 [Omega], and other nano graphene composite film haze <5%, the surface resistance value of <10 [Omega], graphene thin film and the substrate adhesion resistant 3M tape cross hatch test, bending properties have, in the case where the ITO film failure, can withstand more than 10 cycling million times bending test. (2) Graphite-modified anti-corrosion materials: Adhesion Level 1, ≥6000 hours salt, water, salt water ≥6000 ≥3000 hours hours. (3) Graphite-modified material (graphite-modified aluminum wire, copper wire): graphite-modified aluminum wire: Strong graphene Aluminum Conductors: strength ≥220MPa, resistivity ≤29nΩ • m; high-strength aluminum wire graphene : strength ≥260MPa, resistivity ≤31.5nΩ • m; graphene aluminum strands: nominal tensile force of 90% for all the one-line minimum pull-off force and the sum of the above, any single line is not broken. Graphite-modified copper wire: conductivity ≥105% IACS, (diameter 0.5mm) Tensile strength ≥420MPa. (4) Lithium Titanate Graphene: 1C capacity ≥ 165.0mAh / g; 10C capacity ≥ 155.0mAh / g; initial coulombic efficiency of 94%. (5) Graphite-modified lubricants: hydraulic transmission oil and hydraulic oil FZG test rig through 9, graphene hydraulic transmission oil and the coefficient of friction of hydraulic oil <0.5×10 3000 h. Bearing the1.5 to 3 times increase in service life. (6) Graphite-modified tire: conductivity reaches 1.0 × 10 -8 ~ 1.0 × 10 -4 S / m, 50% increase in tear strength, modulus lifting more than 50%; 100Km / h-0 dry braking distance is shortened 0.1m ~ 0.5m; 80Km / h-0 wet braking distance is shortened 1.0m ~ 2.0m; tire rolling resistance is reduced by 5% to 16%. (7) reinforcing the graphene silver-based electrical contacts functional composite materials: cadmium 400,000; material loss rate ≤0.005g. (8) the graphene and graphene conductive heating fiber heating fabric: Fiber properties: Resistivity 3cN / tex, dry rubbing fastness> 3, m.p.> 250 ℃; Fabric Properties: electrothermal converting radiation efficiency> 68%, unevenness of the surface temperature of <± 5 ℃. (D) Advanced Composite Materials Engineering Development (light textiles at) high-performance carbon fibers, basalt fibers, special glass fibers, aramid, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fibers, high strength and high modulus polyimide fiber applications like high-performance fibers; poly acid fiber, new solvent-spun cellulose fiber, polyamide fiber and the like bio-based bio-based chemical fibers applied; high medical and public health, industrial filters, structural reinforcement, and other high-end industrial bicomponent microfiber textile material; fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites , composite pressure vessels, composite material for power transmission, high-speed non-asbestos insulation damper EMU retardant materials, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite applications of advanced composite materials; thermoset composite materials and utilization remanufacturing; positive high nickel ternary material, lithium iron phosphate cathode material, high energy high safety lithium ion battery cell high performance materials and products.