On silica airgel insulation material type and Applications

Silica Aerogels nanostructures unique microstructure to have characteristics of low density, high surface area and high porosity. These features make in terms of thermal, optical, electrical, acoustical, etc. have excellent properties unique, efficient and can be used as thermal insulation insulating material , the acoustic impedance of the coupling material, a low dielectric insulating material, the catalyst and catalyst carrier and the like, wherein the high thermal insulation materials applied more widely. \”Silica airgel Insulation The main application field of products in the form of four kinds: airgel powder / particle; airgel mat; Airgel plate; airgel glass. 浅谈二氧化硅气凝胶保温材料类型及应用 airgel powder / particles SiO2 airgel powder prepared very mature, there are mainly two:

  • preparation by bulk supercritical airgel, and then crushed by different methods,
  • airgel powder material was dried by atmospheric molding method

by a powder molding material is not easy, SiO2 airgel powder; particle airgel powder prepared by different materials. It is generally not used alone as a thermal insulation material, but as an interlayer, a functional configuration of a filling layer using the material;. or used with other materials and as thermal insulation adhesive airgel mat is a mat of SiO2 aerogels. aerogels in the wet sol-stage fiber-reinforced composite material, then subjected to gel, drying the airgel mat. the method that is thermal insulation characteristics, but also through the composite airgel effective solution to low mechanical strength, fragile, easily . bifida problem 浅谈二氧化硅气凝胶保温材料类型及应用 production of SiO2 airgel mats schematic airgel mat fiber reinforcing material divided into two categories: one is toughness, good strength organic fiber; the other is high temperature resistant inorganic fibers 浅谈二氧化硅气凝胶保温材料类型及应用. airgel felt products with good thermal insulation effect, hydrophobic properties and excellent flexibility, is an ideal insulation material, widely used in thermal insulation and various industries, such as aerospace, high temperature insulation types of industrial pipes, tanks and other arc devices. airgel plate Similarly airgel plate airgel mat, through the airgel, and other composite materials made of sheet metal. aerogels are not different in the sol phase plateAnd a composite fiber material, but pure aerogels and fibers, particles, Mortar , a metal, a rigid organic polymer composite sheet and the like. In addition to the application of airgel plates in freezer containers and other industrial buildings and insulation materials, it can also be used in military and aerospace fields. airgel glass In addition to having low thermal conductivity airgel, low-density, fire-retardant characteristics, but also transparent. Pure SiO2 aerogels having a high transmittance glass-like, but the ultimate tensile strength airgel small, brittle, friable, resulting in glass aerogels as direct application difficult. The main vacuum airgel coated glass and a laminated glass airgel two categories. Airgel coated glass increases airgel film on glass layer to improve the surface insulation performance; laminated glass in vacuo IG sandwich filling material airgel, airgel according to the sandwich shape divided into two categories: sandwich filling an SiO2 airgel particles; sandwich filling is monolithic airgel. Glass (A) 浅谈二氧化硅气凝胶保温材料类型及应用 preparing granular airgel and airgel monolith prepared in (B) Zouxue Yan. Preparation of nanoparticles by silica AND MECHANISM Fung beans. Performance Evaluation of silica airgel insulation coatings Wang Yanfei. Preparation and properties of ceramic fiber composite rigid gel weather tiles Wei BAY Research Advances composite silica airgel insulating material De-Zhong Zhang Silica application of airgel thermal insulation field